About the Rahr West Art Museum Permanent Collection

Scope of Collections
Our collection is used to expose people of all ages and backgrounds to a wide-ranging assortment of important artists, genres and movements in art history.

As we have no admission fee, anyone from any city, state or country has the opportunity to appreciate and experience our constantly rotating permanent collection.

With such a varied range of pieces to choose from, visitors have the ability to view an example of mid-nineteenth century impressionism just a few feet away from a post-modernist piece. Getting a glimpse of over one hundred and fifty years of art history within one gallery’s walls is what sets the Rahr-West Art Museum apart from larger and more specialized institutions.

Specific works, notably those of Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, William Bouguereau and Salvador Dali, come from a variety of different countries. However, the majority by far is of American origination. We are also take pride in our works created by Wisconsin-based artists.

Our breadth and depth is not limited to eras, it also extends into the movements, genres and mediums that epitomize American art history. These include such pivotal artists as: Georgia O’Keefe, Alex Katz, Mark Rothko, Stuart Davis, Andrew Wyeth, and Andy Warhol, among others. These works run the gamut from oil to watercolor to prints.

If you are planning a visit to The Rahr-West Art Museum, please note that not all artworks are on view at all times.