Family Classes




Leader: Michelle Heraly-Bonde
1:00 - 2:30 pm
Sunday, June 25th & July 16th

This class is a creative outlet for anyone in the community who is dealing with any form of loss - the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or any general grief. Using the materials we will provide can help facilitate what words cannot describe. The art making process will give you insight, allow you to grow and connect with others, which can help you through your healing journey.

Sunday, June 25th:

  Participants will make a personal Mandala. They will understand how Mandalas can create relaxation and reflection in their lives because of their circular pattern.

Sunday, July 16th: 

Participants will be inspired by collage making. This can appeal to those who might be intimidated by drawing or painting.


Wacky Weekend Workshop

Instructor: Heather Nelson
2nd Saturday of each month
1:00 - 3:00 PM (drop-ins welcome)
FREE - Donations Appreciated

You don't have to be creative or artistic, you can just drop in at the Rahr-West between 1 and 3 pm for an afternoon of fun.

April 8th: Paper Plate Baby Chick

Using paper plates, paper and paint we will make a precious baby chick.

May 13th: Lady Bug Paper Collage

Using various shades of green, red and brown paper we will create a close up collage of lady bugs in the grass.

June 10th: Hand-print Fish Puppets

Today we will trace your little hands, decorate the pieces and turn them into little fishy stick puppets for you to play with.

July 8th: Paper Plate Porthole

Join in the Maritime Museum's Subfest fun and create an underwater picture of what you might see if you were on a submarine!

August 12th: Handprint Butterflies

Trace your little hands and use the shapes to make a beautiful butterfly.

September 9th: Space Fun - Sputnifest

Recycled rockets and robots.

October 14th: Fall Trees

Make an Autumn tree and top it with dried beans for leaves!

November 11th: Turkeys

We're going to use your hands again to make turkey feathers and glue them on your silly turkeys.

December 9th: 3D Paper Plate Christmas Trees

Make a cute Christmas tree and decorate it with pompoms and sequins.