K-9 Fundraiser Information


Thank you for your support to Manitowoc Police Department K9 Unit.  

The K9 Program was started and largely remains funded by generous donations, grant monies and fundraising efforts.  Funds are used to cover the acquisition of new K9s, purchasing necessary equipment, and training to maintain the effectiveness of the teams.

If you wish to donate, please click on the DONATE button.  Thank You!

Officer Jason Koenig and Neko

Officer Koenig and Neko

Officer Nick Place and Major

Officer place and Major

How does the K9 program benefit the community?  Like most areas around the country, Manitowoc has experienced an increase in drug use and other crimes associated with an increase in drug dependent individuals seeking to support their habit.  To help combat this epidemic, the most common deployment for our K9 Unit is narcotics sniffs.  Our K9 teams routinely conduct vehicle sniffs during traffic stops, and also assist local schools and businesses with narcotics sniffs upon request to assist those organizations to keep a drug free environment.

Our police working dogs are considered “dual purpose”, and can be used to locate people and evidence in addition to narcotics.  Our K9 teams frequently track suspects, conduct building searches, search for evidence at crime scenes, and perform area searches for suspects and lost people.  By using the dog’s keen sense of smell, our K9 teams are able to locate people and items much faster than a human.      

A benefit of having dual purpose police working dogs is they can be used to apprehend suspects without the use of deadly force. During January, 2016, Manitowoc Police responded to a report of a pizza delivery man who was robbed at gunpoint by two suspects, who then fled on foot near S 19th St. and Franklin St.  With the help of a witness, police were able to locate the subjects hiding in a garage of a south side home.  The subjects fled on foot again from the garage, one of whom was located hiding underneath a set of bushes.  After multiple commands to show his hands and surrender, the suspect refused to comply with orders, and K9 Major was sent to bite and apprehend the suspect.  K9 Major fearlessly did his job and the suspect was apprehended without the loss of life.  The suspect and his accomplice were taken into custody, the gun was located by officers, and both suspects were convicted of armed robbery.  

The Manitowoc Police Department's K9 program currently has two police working dogs – a four year old Belgian Malinois named “Major”, and a two year old German Shepard named “Neko”. The average working life of a police working dog is approximately five to seven years. Our program has two retired police working dogs, “Aik” and “Ully”.  The Manitowoc Police Department offers the K9 handler to buy the dog for $1 upon the dog’s retirement.  

The K9 program was started in 2010 and remains largely funded by generous donations and grant monies. Our goal is to continue raising money in order to maintain a multi-unit K9 team and to cover daily/operating costs of the program. The funds will be used to cover police vehicles, necessary equipment for the K9 units, training and certifications that are necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the teams, and miscellaneous expenses to support the program (food, medical/veterinary expenses, etc).  Our goal is to maximize the benefit of this amazing program in our community for years to come.

With some of our fundraising monies we were able to start a partnership with Lakeshore Community Foundation by creating a preservation fund for further K9 program costs. If you would like to learn more about this preservation fund, please visit us at lakeshorecommunityfoundation.org/k9.html.

If you would like to help support our program and make a monetary tax deductible donation, please complete the sponsorship form, and return it along with your check payable to the Manitowoc Police Department K9 Unit Fundraiser. For more information about the K9 Unit, please see the included brochure. If you have further questions, comments or wish to have a K9 demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact Assistant Chief Scott Luchterhand at (920) 686-6562 during normal business hours 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Thank you in advance for your generous contributions to our program.


Nick Reimer, Chief of Police
Scott Luchterhand, Assistant Chief of Police
Rob Barbier, Deputy Chief of Police

Upcoming Fundraising Events


2nd Annual
Dine 4 the K9 - 2017

September is National Service Dog Month - a time set aside to reflect upon the role that service dogs play in our lives and the extraordinary work that they perform each and every day to assist the citizens of our community. In conjunction with National Service Dog Month, the Manitowoc Police Department will be holding its 2nd Annual DINE 4 the K9 event!

We have worked hard the last few months to get another fantastic assortment of local restaurants --one restaurant per day--and donating a portion of the tally for the day back to the MTPD K9 Unit. Pretty tasty, huh!! This way you can continue to indulge in some of the finest food that the Lakeshore has to offer and not feel one shred of guilt because you're treating yourself for a good cause. Further details will be forthcoming!

See you in September and Bon Appetit!
MACHUTS LOGO Color 2.jpg

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 - Machut's Supper Club, 3911 Lincoln Ave., Two Rivers, Wisconsin (Hours 4 PM to 9 PM)

The supper club. A proud Wisconsin tradition. A hand-crafted Old Fashioned, a bountiful Soup and Salad Bar, a medium-rare Rib Eye or maybe Sirloin Tips or broasted chicken. It's hard to decide when it comes to placing that final order at Machut's---a Two Rivers supper club destination since 1961!

Start a new family tradition---or pamper yourself with an already established one--by heading out to Machut's on Thursday, September 21st with the knowledge that you won't be leaving hungry and that 10% of all receipts will be donated back to the K9 Unit!
Fork  Knife

Friday, September 22nd, 2017 - Fork & Knife Restaurant, 2209 S. 44th St, Manitowoc, Wisconsin (Hours 6 AM to 9 PM)

One of Manitowoc's favorite family-style restaurants will be forking over a portion of your bill to help the Manitowoc Police Department's K9 Unit reach its fundraising goal. 15% to be precise.

What strikes one right from the get-go is the sheer variety of dining options available at Fork & Knife. In the mood for excellent pizza? Check---they've got you covered! No way they're gonna have Chicken Cordon Blue. Guess again, paisan---that's on the menu, too. Whatever you're in the mood for, there's a good chance you're going to be able to find it at Fork & Knife! And that's before the daily specials are in the mix. So, pack the fam into the car and head on over to Fork & Knife for a delicious meal that not only tastes good---it's doing good too!!!

Office Koenig / K9 Neko will make an appearance from 1 PM to 2 PM.

ryans on york 2

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 - Ryan's on York, 712 York St., Manitowoc, Wisconsin (Hours 11 AM to Close)

Manitowoc's hottest gastropub will be donating a portion of your bill to help the Manitowoc Police Department's K9 Unit reach its fundraising goal. 15% to be precise.

From Korean tacos to gyros to an entirely separate menu dedicated to French fries. Ryan's on York is one of Manitowoc's most innovative and delicious eateries. So, take a walk on the culinary wild side and help out a great cause in one fell swoop.

Sunday, September 24th, 2017 - Knox's Silver Valley, 1222 S. Alverno Rd, Manitowoc, Wisconsin (Hours 9:30 AM to Close)

The Silver Valley Banquet Hall tells you right-up-front what their establishment is all about. It's the kind of place "Where old and new friends meet." With a longstanding tradition of good food and friendly service, Knox's Silver Valley has become one of Manitowoc's favorite reception and banquet destinations. But did you know that Silver Valley has also been voted Manitowoc's #1 Sunday Brunch Buffet for an astonishing eight years running! Jerry Knox has made heading out to brunch even more enticing by offering to donate 10% of Sunday's tally back to the MTPD K9 Unit on Sunday, September 24th. And once you've had your fill of Silver Valley's brunch delicacies--chef carved ham, broasted chicken, made-to-order omelets and so much more--why not stick around and watch the Packers game (Packers vs. Bengals 3:25 PM). Make a day of it! In other words, come for the homemade kneecaps, stay for Packers domination!
AW Restaurant

Monday, September 25th, 2017 – A&W Restaurant, 4141 Harbor Town Lane, Manitowoc (10 AM to 10 PM)

Did you ever wonder where the name A&W came from --- well it came from its founders Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright.  They also became famous for their “frosty mugs”, which are filled with their famous root beer.  That is not all that A&W is famous for, stop on by for their hand-breaded chicken tenders or coney dog.  You know what goes well with any meal is the tasty chili cheese fries.  Can’t you taste them! 

So stop on by Monday, September 25
th for your All American Food.  Just remember this is a place where the food’s as good as the root beer.  Nick Stangel, manager of the A&W, will be giving the Manitowoc Police Department 10% back on the daily receipts on the 25th.  So if you are up for some good food and friendly faces, there is no reason not to stop by to support the local K9 Unit!  No one likes cooking at home on a Monday!!


Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 - First Class Cafe, 2525 Menasha Ave., Manitowoc, Wisconsin (Hours 6 AM to 8 PM)

Let your appetite take flight at the First Class Café, known for their "First Class Service" at "Economy Prices" and you don't have to be a savvy traveler to know that's the recipe for success!! Located directly across the street from the Manitowoc County Airport on Menasha Avenue, First Class has rapidly taken off to become one of Manitowoc's most popular diners. While a full menu is available--offering everything from chimichangas to lasagna and everything in between--it's First Class's "All Day Breakfast" options that have patrons flying through their doors again and again!!

Diana--the powerhouse behind the venue's success--has graciously agreed to donate 10% of the 26th's tally to the PD's K9 program. So, wing your way over to First Class to find out firsthand what all the fuss is about!

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 - Four Seasons Family Restaurant, 3950 Calumet Ave., Manitowoc, Wisconsin (Hours 5:30 AM to 10 PM)

The generosity of this family-owned and operated restaurant would be impressive any time of the year as Four Season's will be donating a full 20% of each bill to the Manitowoc Police Department's K9 Unit!

And while the Four Season's way with meat is the talk of the town--from their Beef Brochette to the Broiled Chicken Oregano to their Smoked Center-Cut Pork Chops--it's really the vast array of menu items that never ceases to impress! Like they say on their webpage: "We've got something for everyone!" And, boy, do they ever--from Grandma's Skillet if breakfast strikes your fancy to a Black and Blue Burger to the tantalizingly--named Meat Eaters Marriage to pretty much anything else you can think of, Four Season's can satisfy any craving! Come hungry and leave satisfied, not only because you've indulged in a first-rate meal, but because in doing so you've thrown your support behind Manitowoc's K9 finest.

Officer Koenig / K9 Neko will make an appearance from 4 PM to 5 PM.


Thursday, September 28th, 2017 - Brian's Smokehouse, 1424 Washington St., Manitowoc, Wisconsin (Hours 11 AM to 7 PM)

An authentic Southern barbecue joint in downtown Manitowoc! Say what? Well, smoked meat lovers, I'm not just teasing you with an empty promise. Brian's Smokehouse and BBQ, one of Manitowoc's newest restaurants, located at the corner of Meaty and Pass Me More Napkins--I mean, S. 15th Street and Washington Street--is the real deal!!! Traditional pulled pork, brisket, chicken, ribs, smoked brats and traditional sides, all served sauceless with an array of available sauces for you to slater on at your own discretion. But, be forewarned---even though Brian's always strives to have enough of all the offered items on hand, once something is gone for the day, it's seriously gone for the day! Their food takes hours to meticulously prepare, which means they just can't whip more up on a moment's notice. That's an important detail to remember on a day when the owners of Brian's have agreed to donate 10% of the receipts from September 28th to the K9 program. You don't wanna show up late and miss out on a full plate of smoke Nirvana. So, grab your appetite for barbecue and altruism and head on over to Brian's!
color logo .png

Friday, September 29th, 2017 - Time Out Sports Bar & Grill, 1027 N. Rapids Rd., Manitowoc, Wisconsin (Hours 11 AM to 11 PM)

One of Manitowoc's favorite food (an extensive menu with too many options to narrow it down in the space provided) and beverage (24 beers on tap, just to start with) destinations has graciously come on board for Dine 4 The K9! The winner of numerous Herald Times Reporter "Best of the Lakeshore" awards--"Outdoor Dining," "Neighborhood Bar" and "Nachos" to name but a few--will be donating 10% of the day's receipts to the K9 Program.

And if enjoying some quality cuisine time in the Time Out's open, spacious and relaxed dining area isn't enough of an enticement for you, then how about DOUBLE BUBBLE from 4 to 6 p.m. You can get a great deal, enjoy a great meal and support a great cause all at the same time. It simply doesn't get any better than that!!
waverly inn.jpg

Saturday, September 30th, 2017 - the Waverly Inn Pub & Pizzeria, 1402 16th St., Two Rivers, Wisconsin (Hours 11 AM to Close)

New owners...lots of construction...new look...but the same welcoming atmosphere. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, reminding you that you and your family are hungry enough to devour The Earth--no joke!! You're that hungry!--it's probably time to head to the Waverly Inn, Two Rivers premiere pizza destination. Whatever pie strikes your fancy, the Waverly has you covered!! And if pizza isn't your thing, the Waverly has a full array of appetizers, sandwiches, baskets and salads.

The Waverly Inn has agreed to donate 50% of the day's receipts to the K9 Units, so there's no reason to not let pizza madness run wild in the Waverly's casual, family-friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Come and see the amazing transformation!!

Saturday, October 14th, 2017
15th Annual K9 Police Chase
Silver Creek Park, 3001 S. 10th St.

4 Mile Run/1.5 Mile Dog Walk

On your mark, get set and get going for a good cause! The race will start and finish near the Silver Creek Field House (off of South 10th Street in Manitowoc, WI) and begins at 9 a.m. rain or shine. The course will run through city parks, over grass, on gravel trails, and through a lovely residential neighborhood with a spectacular view of Lake Michigan. Discount for early registration! All proceeds to benefit the Manitowoc Police K9 Unit. Further details, including registration deadlines, will be posted in the near future.

2nd Annual
Holiday Christmas Wreath

Deck the halls and help a great cause! "Protect and Serve" aren't the only services the Manitowoc Police Department provides--they can also help you decorate for the holidays! Order your Christmas wreath, swags (regular or mini), cross or left and right facing candy canes from us. All items are made from Fraser Fir and are single faced. Wreaths are available in 20", 24", 36", 48", or 60" diameters. Bows are made from waterproof red velvet ribbon and the cones are full sized with white tips. All proceeds will benefit the Manitowoc Police Department K9 Unit! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL AND TO ALL A SAFE NIGHT!!

For information on ordering and pricing click here.

"In Kind" Donations received from:

The Manitowoc Police Department and the K9 Unit(s)/Handler(s) wish to THANK the following businesses for their on going care and services provided to our canines. Generous services provided from donors like each of you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission. You have demonstrated a deep commitment to our program and your continued support plays a key role in our success. There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your loyalty and we are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like yourself who answer the call to give again and again. THANK YOU!!!

Animal Eye Clinic of Denmark
Central Bark Doggy Day Care
Memorial Drive Veterinary Clinic
Two Rivers Veterinary Hospital

The Manitowoc Police Department would like to thank Wisconsin Vest A Dog for donating a Kevlar vest for K9 Major. The vest is a both bullet and stab resistant (it can stop most handgun rounds and edged weapons) and costs approximately $1,000. This vest is a new model from the company, Elite K9, and it is designed for increased mobility with some extra accessories so it can be worn all the time. Wisconsin Vest A Dog graciously donates Kevlar vests to law enforcement agencies throughout Wisconsin thanks to many generous donors. If you would like to donate to Wisconsin Vest A Dog, please contact them at their website: "Wisconsin Vest A Dog - Protecting the dogs that protect us!".

Also a very special THANK YOU to Fricke Printing Services for providing various printing services throughout our K9 Fundraiser. The dedication and attention to detail received from Fricke Printing goes unnoticed and we appreciate the services they provided.

And finally another very special THANK YOU to Manitowoc Trophy for providing services for our atrium lobby display K9 plaque. Their attention to detail is greatly appreciated and important to our fundraising success. Their generous donation will help to further the important work of the K9 Unit.

Donations were received from:

Platinum Sponsor ($10,000 plus)

Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Community First Credit Union

Gold Sponsor ($5,000 plus)

K9 Volunteers for Lambeau Field Concession Stands (2014-2015 Season)
Harold C. Kallies Charitable Trust
The Aschenbrenner Foundation of Lakeshore Community Foundation (2016)
Festival Foods - Paw Icon Proceeds (May 2017)

Silver Sponsor ($2,500 plus)

Festival Foods - Paw Icon Proceeds (May 2015)
Tom, Virginia & Suzanne Bare (2015)
Chuck Scholten Foundation, Inc.
Chaya Kaplan & Matt Schoenberg (2015) (2016)
K9 Volunteers for Festival Foods Brat Barn/T-Shirt Sales/K9 Heroes/
      Donations at Mother's Day Plant Blowout (05/07/2016)
Jefferson Elementary -School ~ K-Kids Program
K9 Volunteers for Metro Jam - Food/T-Shirt Sales/K9 Hereos/Donations
      (06/17 & 06/18/2016)
K9 Volunteers for Festival Foods Brat Barn/T-Shirt Sales/K9 Heroes
      Donations at Pumpkin Blowout (10/08/2016)
Kwik Trip - Corporate Office (2016)
The Aschenbrenner Foundation of Lakeshore Community Foundation (2016)

Bronze Sponsor ($1,000 plus)

Roy and Darlene Geigel
Bank First National
Pietroske, Inc.
Investor's Community Bank
Just Orthodontics
K9 Volunteers for Police Chase (10/11/2014)
Geoffrey & Carla Liban
Kwik Trip - Corporate Office (2015)
K9 Volunteers for Festival Foods Brat Barn/T-Shirt Sales/
       Donations at Mother's Day Plant Blowout (05/09/2015)
Fox's Piggly Wiggly (Manitowoc Location) Easter Eggstravangza
K9 Volunteers for Metro Jam - Food/T-Shirt Sales/Donations (06/19 & 06/20/2015)
K9 Volunteers for Fox's Piggly Wiggly Brat Shed - Food/T-Shirt Sale/Donations (07/11/2015)
The Roy and Darlene Geigel Charitable Trust Foundation
"Share the Night" Fundraiser at A&W Restaurant - Clothing/Food Sales/Donations (08/21/2015)
K9 Volunteers for Festival Foods Brat Barn/T-Shirt Sales/Donations
        at Pumpkin Blowout (10/03/2015)
K9 Volunteers for K9 Police Chase (10/10/15)
Russ & Amy Fricke-Weigel
Tom, Virginia, & Suzanne Bare (2016)
Jane & Arthur Stangel Fund, Inc.
Wisconsin Public Service Foundation
Wisconsin Vest A Dog - "Protecting The Dogs That Protect Us!"
The Aschenbrenner Foundation of Lakeshore Community Foundation
K9 Volunteers for K9 Police Chase (10/08/2016)
Green Bay Packers Foundation
Donna Langman (2017)
Manitowoc Noon Rotary

Copper Sponsor ($500 plus)

Lakeside Foods
Manitowoc Company, Inc.
K9 Volunteers for Festival Foods Brat Barn/Donations at Pumpkin Blowout (10/04/2014)
Manitowoc County Board of Realtors, Inc.
Baileigh Industrial Inc.
Harrigan Parkside Funeral Home and Crematory
Lulloff's Used Cars
Cellcom (2014) (2017)
Krueger International Inc.
Wenzel's Perfect World (2015)
Marilyn Drumm & Family (2015) (2016)
Bitter Neumann Furniture
Riverwood Maritime Credit Union
Ron & Kathy Dvorachek
Shopko Foundation
Novak's Service Center, LLC
Harbor Town Harley Davidson
Eck Industries, Inc.
Four Season's Family Restaurant - DINE 4 The K9 2016
The Smiling Moose - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Courthouse Pub - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Tower Tavern - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Dug Out Bar & Grill - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Mary Schilder
What The Lock?
Rebecca Kurtzbach

Canine Friends ($100 plus)

K9 Volunteers for 4th of July Dunk Tank (07/04/2014)
Charlie Ratigan
Gary Budysz (2014) (2016)
Rural Mutual Insurance - Marinette
Associated Bank
Holy Family Memorial Medical Center
United One Credit Union
Lakeshore Dental
Klein Asphalt Maintenance
Frank's Radio Service Inc.
Heresite Protective Coating LLC
Lakeshore Business Interiors Inc.
Timothy Maatman/Phyllis Schippers Living Trust (2014) (2016)
Manitowoc County Kennel Club
Mercury Network Corporation
Alpert & Fellows - Attorneys at Law
Lee's Color Studio
Insulation and Supply Co Inc.
Schmedly's Tire Service
Craft's Inc.
Robert J. Klein (2014) (2015) (2016) (2017)
Foster Needle Co. Inc.
William J. Bero DDS
Integrity Investments & Insurance
Schaus Roofing & Mechanical Contractors
Edward & Micki Dorvinen
Bud Willmans Hamburger
Gerald & Jennifer Tollefson
Glenn's Bar
Southside Barber Shop
Manitowoc Yacht Club
Kiwanis Club of Manitowoc
Bill &Cheryl Ploeckelman (2015) (2016) (2017)
Mike & Chris Dunn
Donna Langman (2015) (2016)
Steimle Birschbach, LLC
Debbie Roemer (2015) (2017)
Scott & Jenny Schroeter (2015) (2016) (2017)
Manitowoc Towing & Recovery
Michael Wellner
Cress Family
Lions Club of Manitowoc
Jill Hennessey
Manitowoc Eagles Aerie 706
United One Credit Union Employees
City of Kiel Library
Manitowoc Police Department Paw Icon Proceeds (May 2015)
Meadow Lanes North Paw Icon Proceeds (May 2015)
PK's Beans & Cream Paw Icon Proceeds (May 2015)
Dave Nelson
Luke Smith
Manitowoc Cranes 50/50 Raffle Proceeds from Employee Picnic
A&W Restaurant
Manitowoc Noon Rotary Club
David Diedrich
In Memory of Ron Toston
Andrew & Dawn Greene
Natural Market 10% Proceeds (2015) (2016)
James & Patricia Szymczyk (2016) (2017)
Roger Rezachek
Lori Thompson & Lisa VerVelde
Wenzel's Perfect World (2016)
Mark & Pam Herzog (2015) (2016) (2017)
Manitowoc Garage Door Service
Manitowoc Grey Iron Foundry
Troop #8087 - Girl Scouts of Manitou Council Inc.
Quality Inn of Manitowoc
Red Arrow Products
Manitowoc Heating & Refrigeration Services, LLC
Manitowoc Jaycees
In Memory of Chaya Kaplan-Schoenberg
Manitowoc Health & Rehabilitation Center Employee Raffle Proceeds
Brenda Krause
Kristine Lemberger
Kiwanis Club of Two Rivers
In Memory of Scott Leist
Music Without Boundaries
Fork & Knife Restaurant - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Luigi's - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Ryan's on York - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Harborside Restaurant - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Waverly Inn - DINE 4 The K9 2016
TIme Out Sports Bar & Grill - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Green Street Food & Spirits - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Machut's Supper Club - DINE 4 The K9 2016
The Fat Seagull - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Brian's Smokehouse - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Legends at Autumn Ridge - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Capone's Bar & Grill - DINE 4 The K9 2016
The Galley Restaurant - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Revolutions Bar & Grill - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Rupp's on Washington - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Knox's Silver Valley Banquet Hall - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Wrap It Up - DINE 4 The K9 2016
Tom, Virginia & Suzanne Bare (2016)
TREG Foundation Fund - Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group
Pro-View Inc.
Mark & Roxanne Hills
Jackson Elementary School K-Kids Program
Laurie Sales Venture Foundation
Anthony Holschbach
James Monroe School
Zielanis Elementary School
Exoticas The Club
Scottie Dayton