Congratulations to the 2018 Fourth Quarter STAR AWARD Winners!

SchultzOfficer Eric Schultz responded to the complaint of dogs at large due to a broken fence picket.  Officer Schultz offered to fix the fence picket to help stop the complaints of the dogs at large.  With the owners permission, Officer Schultz obtained three nails and re-secured the fence picket to prevent the animals from getting out.  Thank you for using some light carpentry skills to solve the problem, and to prevent future calls on this issue!
MassartOfficer Justin Massart responded to Manitou Park for a report that an individual was in the Manitowoc River clinging to a tree branch above the water approximately 15 ft. from the shoreline.  Using swift judgement, Officer Massart decided to throw a rescue rope to the man, was able to get a hold on him, and held him until the MFRD arrived and deployed the Zodiac unit to rescue the man.  Thank you for using quick decision-making and having the bravery to take action!
Oswald Douglas 070213 PhotoDoug Oswald, Transit Driver, noticed a woman who recently had surgery struggling with a stool she used to get into her car. Doug stopped his bus, and got out to assist her in picking up the stool and putting it into her car.  The citizen was so overwhelmed by his kindness that she contacted a City employee to report it.  Great job, Doug!