What's Happening at Mirro?


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In an effort to keep our community members as informed as possible, we've created a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and will provide updates as new information becomes available.

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What is happening with the buildings right now?

The demolition contractor, Brandenburg has encapsulated PCB Area 14 and the northern extent of the Loading Dock PCB Area.  Erosion control (silt logs) are are maintained on the perimeter of the job site, and inlet protection has been maintained on adjoining catch basins. Manitowoc Department of Public Infrastructure cleans out the catch basins at the intersection of Franklin Street and S. 15th Street.

Brandenburg continues to fill multiple voids/tunnels on the site, and continues to maintain a tracking pad (constructed from imported stone) along S. 15th Street to help prevent mud from leaving the site. Restricted waste has been removed from the south building. Holian has dismantled the scaffolding from the west side of the site and removed remaining scaffolding from the site as well.  The demolition is ongoing as Brandenburg removes the wood floor, steel girders and brick from the northern side of the building.  Debris was hauled offsite to the Waste Management landfill.  City of Manitowoc has reached out to the fencing contractor to replace the deteriorated sand bags on the street.

An additional large excavator has been transported to the site and was assembled.  Brandenburg will continue to fill tunnels/voids as needed and continue demolition on south building. Debris was hauled offsite to Waste Management landfill. Scrap metal was hauled offsite. J&J Contracting picked up portions of restricted waste. Brandenburg submitted new haul route for TSCA waste and scrap materials which was approved by the City of Manitowoc. 

Brandenburg will continue to haul material to Waste Management and metal recycling facilities.Debris barriers will be placed along S. 15th Street. Brandenburg will finish encapsulating PCB Areas as described in their Self Implemented PCB Clean-up Plan.

When will the building start coming down, and how long will it take?

The structural demolition has begun and is scheduled to be completed by the end of summer.

Can I get a brick (or other materials) from the old building?

No.  Because the building was allowed by previous owners to be exposed to the elements, it is now severely deteriorated and weathered.  In addition to the risks posed by the asbestos that is being removed from the building, most of the building materials are affected by lead-based paint.  This includes bricks, steel, concrete and other surfaces.  The City is not releasing building materials to the public due to the potential risks to human health and the environment.

However, the City has secured a small supply of bricks that are not painted.  The main purpose for saving these bricks is to construct a historical marker as part of the future redevelopment of the site.  

Under the City’s demolition contract, Brandenburg, the demolition contractor, is now the “owner” of all the building materials.  This will allow them to properly handle and dispose of the various materials in a way that minimizes the risk to the City and to community members.  Unfortunately, this means that no building materials will be made available to the public.  Due to the widespread use of lead-based paint in these buildings, most of the materials must be disposed of in a properly licensed landfill.  Any recyclable steel will be the property of Brandenburg, and any suitable material found to be relatively free of lead-based paint may be used to fill tunnels and other voids on the site.

Will there be any lane or street closures once the structural demolition starts?  If so, when?

Yes.  In order to create a safe zone around the perimeter of the site, street closures will be needed.  

  • S. 15th Street open to local business access only (July 17, 2017 to July 31, 2017)
  • Washington Street Partial Closure (July 18, 2017-August 15, 2017)
  • S. 16th Street open to local business access only (July 18, 2017 to August 28, 2017) 

Our most important goal will be safety, which may result in some short-term inconvenience.  We ask for your patience.

Is there a place where I can view the demolition work?

Yes.  Please click here to watch a live feed of the site and demolition work.  Unfortunately, due to limited space in the surrounding area, and due to the danger of being near an active demolition site, the City is discouraging anyone from attempting to directly observe the demolition from the surrounding streets or adjacent properties.  In addition, please be mindful that the surrounding properties are privately owned.

Is it safe to enter the demolition site?

No.  Do not enter the security fence at any time, even when hazardous material abatement or demolition work is not taking place.  The buildings and site are not safe to access without the proper safety measures, and trespassing is strictly prohibited.  Portions of the remaining structures have failed, and there are many hazardous chemicals that have been spilled on the property over the decades of manufacturing that took place there.

What should I do if I see something suspicious?

Please call the Manitowoc Police Department non-emergency number at (920) 686-6500.  If you see an emergency situation, call 911.  The City appreciates the cooperation of the community in keeping the site safe and secure.

How is the history of Mirro company being preserved?

The Manitowoc County Historical Society has a collection related to Mirro Company history and artifacts.  They have recently photographed the building in its final state before demolition begins.  In addition to the video feed, the City will be collecting time lapse photography of the entire demolition project.

How much will the project cost, and how is it being paid for?

The current project which involves removal of the hazardous building materials, demolition of all structures down to grade, and disposal of all materials is expected to cost $3.3 million.  The funding sources for this project include:

  • $2.4 million in City funds
  • $400,000 in US Environmental Protection Agency funds
  • $500,000 in Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation funds
What are the future plans for this block?

Once the structural demolition is completed, further investigation is needed of the soil and groundwater conditions under the buildings.  Any contamination found will be addressed before development can take place.  Ultimately, the City plans to see the property redeveloped in beneficial ways.  This may include  two- to three-story mixed-use buildings with space for offices and apartments along Washington Street.  This may also include some green space and some parking on the central and north portions of the block.  Click here to view the Concept Plan.

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