Manitowoc Noon Rotary Officer of the Year

Officer Jason Denk

We would like to congratulate Officer Jason Denk for being nominated and selected as the Manitowoc Police Department’s 2016 Noon Rotary Officer of the Year!

Officer Denk has been with our police department since July of 2007 working the midnight shift. In addition, to his normal patrol duties, Officer Denk has been involved with our Field Training Program, Bike Patrol Program, TRACS Program, department’s monthly maintenance/cleaning of department’s rifles, assists our Detective Bureau and Metro Drug with the collection of evidence from electronics, and has even become our “Dear Dave” expert consistently updating officers/supervisors on new case law.  In addition, he and his wife, Jena, participated with the “Shop with a Cop” Program and has become a lead instructor with our Citizen’s Academy.

In the nomination letter written by his supervisors, Officer Denk was recognized for his command presence which has never been about flaunting his authority over others, but rather, earning the respect of the public by always being polite and professional to our citizens, with a truly service oriented spirit about him.  Officer Denk is a “pro-active” officer who “makes things happen.”   He is one of our most aggressive pursuers of wanted fugitives and has repeatedly found innovative and creative ways to discover new clues about where our local fugitives are hiding out!!

We would also like to recognize both Officer John Bennett and Detective Dave McCue who, based on their excellent performance over the past year, were also nominated for this distinguished award.

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Manitowoc Eagles Club Officer of the Year

Officer Alex Turek

The Manitowoc Police Department is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2017 Eagles Club Officer of the Year Award is Officer Alex Turek.  Officer Turek has served on the Manitowoc Police Department since January 2015 and has been assigned to the third shift patrol. 

In Officer Turek’s nomination letter it indicated that even though he has only been with our department for a little over two years, he has shown great enthusiasm for community involvement and he has had an immediate positive impact on many lives in our city.  Officer Turek has singlehandedly organized the first two “Stuff the Squad” charity events in the City of Manitowoc, a cooperative fundraiser between the Manitowoc Police Department and Copp’s Grocery Store, to raise food donations for the community’s disadvantaged. Officer Turek’s efforts led to $2100 in food donations in 2015, and $3000 in donations in 2016

Officer Turek has also participated in the annual Shop with a Cop event. This is a worthy cause where participating police officers accompany select children at a local department store, where the children use money donated to them to buy Christmas gifts for other family members. This is a well-publicized event in which police officers can develop positive relationships with our community’s youth.  Officer Turek is also very active in assisting with the Manitowoc Police Department’s Explorer Program, which is an organization founded in order to give the community’s youth a first-hand look at a possible career in law enforcement. In addition, he has also assisted with the Manitowoc Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Academy, teaching the citizens of our community on such things as conducting traffic stops, room clearing and building searches.

Officer Turek has exhibited extraordinary enthusiasm and care for his community by getting involved in whatever way he can, to do the most good for the most people. We would also like to recognize both Officer Brett VerVelde and Officer John Bennett who were also nominated for this award based on their excellent performance over the past year(s).  

Congratulations again to Officer Alex Turek!!