Route 3 - Southwest Manitowoc

Route Information

Route 3 begins at the Intermodal Transfer Center (ITC) at the top and bottom of each hour. Route 3 meets up with Route 5 at the West Side Transfer Point at 12 & 42 minutes after the hour.

ROUTE 3 BUS STOPS                                                       TIME

Franklin St/S. 13th St :01/:31
Franklin St/S. 18th St :02/:32
Franklin St/S. 22nd St :03/:33
Franklin St/S. 25th St :03/:33
S. 26th St/Washington St :04/:33
Custer St/Railroad Tracks :04/:34
Custer St/S. 29th St :04/:34
Manitowoc Senior Center :04/:34
Copp's Bus Shelter :05/:35

Lakeshore Pharmacy :06/:36
Calumet Ave/S.37th St :07/:37
Calumet Ave/S. 39th St :07/:37
Four Season's Restaurant :07/:37
Shell Gas Station :08/:38
HFM Harbor Town Clinic :08/:38
Grand Ave/S. 39th St* :11/:41
West Side Transfer Point :12/:42
Walmart Bus Shelter :15/:45

Culvers/Office Max/AMC :17/:47
Festival Foods :17/:47
Dewey St/S. 39th St :17/:47
Note: Holy Family Harbor Town Clinic will be serviced by either Route 3 or Route 5. If Route 5 services the clinic and you need Route 3, board the Route 5 bus and transfer to Route 3 at the West Side Transfer Point, located on S. 39th Street, behind Walmart. 


Job Center/LTC (on demand only)*** :17/:47
Job Center/LTC Exit* :17/:47

S. 30th St/Mobil Station :18/:48
S. 30th St/Yorkshire Ln :18/:48
S. 30th St/Lakeside Foods :19/:49
S. 30th St/Meadowbrook Ct :20/:50
Division St/S. 31st St :20/:50
Division St/S. 35th St* :20/:50
Shopko Store* :22/:52
Shopko Plaza/Bitter Neuman* :22/:52
Shopko Plaza Exit/Calumet Ave* :22/:52
Calumet Ave/S. 31st St :22/:52
Calumet Ave/Railroad Tracks :23/:53
Washington St/S. 24th St :23/:53
Washington St/S. 22nd St :23/:53
Washington St/S. 20th St :23/:53
Washington St/S. 16th St :24/:54
Washington St/S. 13th St :24/:54

 Popular destinations are bold
*Bus stop is at stop sign

**All times listed are approximate. Passengers are encouraged to be at a bus stop, ready to board, a couple of minutes before the listed time. When the bus is approaching, be sure to signal the bus driver, as people stand on corners for many reasons.

***See below for on demand service information.     
Route 3

***On Demand Service

Route 3 will only come into the LTC/Job Center parking lot if service is requested. To request service, press the button on the transmitter box at the LTC entrance. A light will turn on to indicate that the button has been pushed and the driver will be signaled that there is a patron at the facility. The light on the box will reset automatically. See the photos below for more information. 
On demand service @ LTC/Job Center

Route Maps

(Maps may take several minutes to download)

For more information, please call the main office at (920) 686-3560.