Route 4 - Southeast Manitowoc

Route Information
Route four begins at the Intermodal Transfer Center (ITC) in downtown Manitowoc at the top and bottom of each hour.

ROUTE 4 BUS STOPS             TIME

Washington St/S. 13th St :00/:30
S. 14th St/Marshall St :01/:31
Marshall St/S. 17th St :01/:31
Marshall St/S. 21st St* :03/:33
Marshall St/S. 22nd St :03/:33
S. 24th St/Hamilton St* :03/:33
Shady Lane (S. 24th St/Shady Ln) :04/:34
S. 24th St/Division St :05/:35
Washington Jr. High School :06/:36
Division St/S. 21st St :05/:35
Division St/Felician Village :06/:36
Division St/S. 16th St* :06/:36
Jefferson Elementary School* :06/:36
S. 14th St/Phillipen St :07/:37
S. 14th St/Grand Ave :07/:37
S. 14th St/Dewey St* :08/:38
S. 14th St/Community Garden :08/:38
Monroe Elementary School :09/:39
S. 14th St/Viebahn St* :09/:39
Viebahn St/S. 10th St :09/:39
UW Manitowoc :09/:39


Viebahn St/S. 14th St* :11/:41
Viebahn St/S. 18th St :11/:41
Viebahn St/S. 21st St :12/:42
Southfield Townhouses/S. 23rd St :15/:45
University Manor/S. 23rd St :15/:45
S. 23rd St/Dewey St :17/:47
Dewey St/S. 18th St* :18/:48
Dewey St/S. 14th St :20/:50
Dewey St/S/ 10th St* :20/:50
S. 10th St/Jaycee Dr :20/:50
S. 10th/Green St :21/:51
S. 10th St/Division St :21/:51
S. 10th St/Hamilton St :22/:52
Marshall St/S. 9th St* :22/:52
Marshall St/S. 8th St* :23/:53
Marshall St/S. 7th St* :23/:53
S. 7th St/Hancock St :23/:53
Manitowoc Public Library/Franklin St :23/:53
Franklin St/S. 9th St :24/:54

Popular destinations are bold
*Bus stop is at stop sign

**All times listed are approximate. Passengers are encouraged to be at a bus stop, ready to board, a couple of minutes before the listed time. When the bus is approaching, be sure to signal the bus driver, as people stand on corners for many reasons.

Route 4

Route Maps

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