Emerald Ash Borer

In September 2014, Manitowoc County joined the list of counties quarantined for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). An EAB quarantine is a system of rules intended to help prevent the spread of EAB. The rules restrict the movement of firewood and ash products out of quarantined areas. Quarantines are administered by the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Violations of the quarantine rules can result in State and federal fines up to $1,000.00.
The City of Manitowoc plans to work with surrounding communities, local and state agencies to form and maintain an up-to-date EAB management plan.
For more information on EAB please read the Wisconsin Emerald Ash Borer Resource Guide.

EAB is a small, brilliant green beetle about the size as our native Bronze Birch Borer, which kills white birch. These adults lay eggs on the bark of ash trees. Upon hatching, the tiny larvae bore under the bark and begin feeding in the cambial (the transport system) layer of the tree. These larvae feed in winding serpentine patterns under the bark, essentially girdling the trees as they go. Upon maturing, the adult exists the bark forming a distinctive "D" shaped exit hole. Signs to look for include bark cracking, crown dieback, heavy woodpecker activity and sprouts on the trunk of the tree. It usually takes 2-5 years for the tree to fully show damage from EAB. Unfortunately, many of these signs are also indicative of other disease and insects that already infect our ash. If you supect that you may have this insect, please contact the Parks Department, a County horticulture agent, or a DNR Forest Health Specialist. You can also visit the website recommended above and click on "Report EAB."