American Bull Frogs

frog frog frog
Animal Summary

The bullfrogs that make their home at the zoo were raised from tadpoles. Now they sit on the rocks or submerge themselves in the water of their aquarium exhibit.


  • The dominant frequency of the call is related to a male's size and fighting ability.
  • An average female may produce over 80,000 eggs in a lifetime.
  • A bullfrog will lunge to catch its food after sitting and waiting for the meal to come into range. It will use its short front legs to help stuff the prey into its mouth.

The bullfrog is thriving in most of its habitat. They are highly adaptable and will compete with other species as well as threaten the population that they consume due to their voracious appetite. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has the bullfrog listed as a state special concern species.


Bullfrogs are threatened by humans who hunt them for food and collect them for medical research.