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Olive Kelled Flat Rock Scorpion
Animal Summary

The zoo's olive keeled flat rock scorpion likes to hide behind and under its exhibit's rocks and decorations.  Every week it is fed a meal of crickets that it eats with the help of its pincers.  

  • The scorpion's abdomen has a tail-like extension bearing a stinger.  The cephalothorax carries a pair of pincer like chelicerae used for consuming prey.
  • There are almost 2,000 scorpion species in the world but only 30-40 of them have poison strong enough to kill a person.
  • The olive keeled flat rock scorpion, including its' tail is the longest scorpion in the world.


Many scorpion species are threatened, but there is no formal protection for these animals.


Threats that scorpions deal with are habitat destruction and collection for the souvenir and pet trade.

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