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Animal Summary

The zoo's variety of pigeons has come from various donations over the years as well as some that were born at the zoo.  

  • Both male and female pigeons produce milk similar to mammals.  The pigeon milk is a secretion of the adult's crop to ensure the nestlings receive adequate nutrients to grow quickly.
  • Pigeons were domesticated more than 5,000 years ago.
  • Pigeons drink water by immersing their bill up to their nostrils and then sucking without raising their heads.


Many pigeon species benefit and increase their range due to the spread of agricultural land and reduction of predators.  However some species have declined and have become threatened or are extinct.  Conservation techniques such as laws and regulations to control hunting, establishment of protected areas, and breeding of captive populations are ways of stopping or changing the reductions in the birds' populations.


Threats to some pigeon species are introduced predators, habitat loss, and hunting.

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