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Spring Clean-up
Collection Dates
 The City of Manitowoc Streets and Sanitation Division (DPW) has completed the 2015 Spring Clean-up.  Any brush or leaves and rakings that remain are the responsibility of the property owner to dispose of.  If you have any questions, contact the Department of Public Infrastructure Streets and Sanitation Division at 686-6550.

1. All material shall be placed on the curbside terrace (i.e., area closest to the street) by 7:00 a.m. on the Monday of the week of collection. AFTER THE PICK UP DATES, THE FEE FOR BRUSH PICK UP WILL BE A MINIMUM CHARGE OF $100. Please note: Ordinance 13.010(11) of the municipal code states, “No yard waste shall be placed for collection by the City’s Department of Public Works more than two (2) weeks before a scheduled pick up.”
2. Brush, branches, and bushes/shrubs without root bulbs are to be kept separate from rakings (thatch material). ALL DEBRIS NEEDS TO BE SEPARATED ON SEPARATE PILES FOR PICK-UP. I.E., ONE PILE FOR GARDEN WASTE, ONE PILE FOR LEAVES & RAKINGS, AND ANOTHER PILE FOR BRUSH.
3. Yard waste consists of leaves, thatch, yard and garden waste, and brush (including clean woody vegetative material) no greater than 6 inches in diameter and 5 feet in length. Do NOT use plastic bags for yard waste.
4. DPW crews WILL NOT pick up the following: lumber, garbage, animal droppings, broken concrete, refuse, fill, demolition material, edgings, yard debris greater than 6 inches in diameter, including stumps, roots, or shrubs with intact bulbs, or debris in bags, buckets, garbage cans.
5. Pick up is limited to one truckload per collection week per property.
6. DPW crews will not pick up debris from uninhabited/vacant lots. It is illegal to dump debris on these lots. Anyone caught doing so may be subject to a municipal court citation.

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