Art of Tablesettings

October 4 through November 8, 2020

This annual favorite exhibit began in 1974, when Mrs. Ruth West organized an exhibit of tables inspired by works of art. The Rahr-West Art Museum is proud to keep this exhibit alive by inviting members of the public to create unique tablescapes inspired by works of art.

Each year brings new and intriguing designs and we hope that you too will come and enjoy in this annual favorite.

Information For Participating Tablesetters

Artwork Selection  

Tablesetters are encouraged to use artwork from the museum’s collection. Collections are available online here. Once a selection is made, tablesetters must contact the museum to reserve their artwork. Those using the museum’s artwork will be allowed to reserve a spot for their tabelesetting.

Tablesetters are encouraged to submit their forms electronically. These forms may be found below. Please be sure information is accurate and complete.

Tablesetting Catalog Information Form  

The information on this form will be used for the catalog. Submission deadline August 28.

Tabelestting Item Information Form 

The information on this form will be used for labels. Submission deadline September 29.

Please contact the museum at (920) 686-3090 or with any questions.