Tina Kugler 2011 Poster Prints

Tina Kugler 2011 Poster Prints

2011 Sputnikfest Print by Tina KuglerSputnikfest Poster Series New Design
We are proud to bring to you the fourth design in our Sputnikfest Poster Series by Tina Kugler. Tina has been creating these original designs since Sputnikfest began in 2008.

These 100 numbered prints are standard poster size 16 by 20 and are signed by the artist. If you would like yours to be personalized by the artist, please place your order, with payment, by August 19, and she will personalize them before shipping them to Manitowoc for the festival.

If you are an avid collector of these beautiful prints, and would like a specific number, please contact the museum and arrange to have one set one aside for you.

These prints will be available for purchase at Sputnikfest on Saturday, September 10 at a cost of $25. To place an order prior to the festival, please contact Elaine at the Rahr-West Art Museum 920-686-3090.

These prints are extremely popular and only 100 prints are made, so order now.