Tuesdays at 10!

Tuesdays at 10!

Something special will be happening on  Tuesdays at 10 am.

We love leading families on learning adventures all about animals!  Please join us for roaring good fun every Tuesday, all summer long.  These free programs are sure to capture the imagination and interest of your kiddos.  Special guest wildlife experts, as well as our own zookeepers, will present intriguing talks and hands-on activities on all kinds of animal topics, ranging from coasts and scents to feathers and gills!

No Cost, BIG Fun for all ages! Be our guest every Tuesday morning at the zoo. Be sure to meet us at the Prairie Dog Exhibit! 


2021Tuesdays at 10am

June 15th- Animal Locomotion. Learn about how animals move and play a fun game to show what your body can do.

 June 22nd- Perfect Pollinators. Learn about who is a pollinator and why they are important.

 June 29th- TBA

 July 6th- TBA

 July 13th- TBA

 July 20th- Brillion Nature Center. Take a walk in the woods and learn about the animals that surround us.

 July 27th- Animal Olympics. Learn about some of the gold medal winners of the animal world and see how you rate. 

 August 3rd- What's for Dinner? Learn what it takes to be a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore and see what the zoo animals eat.

Cost: FREE!