Zoological Board


  • Meetings called as necessary
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
    Educational Building
    1215 N. 8th St.
    Manitowoc, WI 54220

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available prior to the meetings.
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Minutes are also available following approval.
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The Zoological Board is made up of seven members, that serve a four-year term (effective 10-23-18):

  • Alderperson Steve Czekala, Common Council Repr. - term expires April 20, 2020
  • Al Hrudka - (Mtwc. Co. Fish & Game repr.) term expires June 1, 2019
  • Martin Gregory (NEWGLSF repr.) - term expires June 1, 2019
  • Doug Koch - (At Large) term expires June 1, 2019
  • Al Schema - (At Large) term expires June 1, 2019
  • Eugene Runnoe - (At Large) term expires June 1, 2019
  • Wayne Utterstedt  - (At Large) term expires June 1, 2022

    Ex-Official Members:
  • Daniel Koski, Director of Public Infrastructure
  • VACANT, Recreation Division Manager

The Zoological Board consists of seven members, as follows: a member of the Common Council, one member to be appointed by the Manitowoc County Fish and Game Protective Association, one member to be appointed by the Northeastern Wisconsin Great Lakes Sport Fishermen, Inc., and up to four "at large" wildlife enthusiasts of Manitowoc County.  Members of this Board shall have business knowledge, marketing skills, zoo operations experience, knowledge of wildlife, or other skills required to benefit such a Board. 


The purpose of the Zoological Board is to serve as the formal means through which members participate using their skills, knowledge and experience in providing suggestions in the fortification and prosperity of matters concerning financial issues, infrastructure development, marketing and overall improvements for the City owned Lincoln Park Zoo.