Downtown Snow Pick Up

Night One of Snow Pick Up (After the storm has ended)
Streets on the assessed pick up route that allow parking on the street will receive a partial snow pick up beginning at midnight on the first night after the storm. This will be a partial pick up to allow parking in the designated street parking stalls only. Generally this will consist of the immediate downtown area east of S 14th Street and north of N 10th Street (including N 10th) and south of Chicago Street (including Chicago St).

There will be snow left around the intersection corners and along the curb line.

Night Two of Snow Pick Up
All streets on the assessed pick up route will receive a snow pick up the second night beginning at midnight after the storm. This will consist of the streets on the attached snow pick up route map and on the council resolution.

Downtown pick up route property owners are responsible for having all of the sidewalk snow pushed into the street for this pick up. This will be a full and detailed pick up to include all snow from curb lines and street parking stalls.

All snow from intersection corners will also be removed and hauled at this time. For more information check out the City's snow and ice control page.