Corporate Events & Receptions

The Rahr-West Art Museum galleries are an exquisite space for corporate events or wedding recetptions. Depending on the space and setup selected, gallires can accomodate groups over two hundred.

All rental fees are given for a four (4) hour period.  Access to the Vilas-Rahr Mansion is not included in the gallery rental fees. The Mansion may be requested for an additional charge (no food or drink allowed in Vilas-Rahr Mansion). 

Private Event Request Form

Ruth West Gallery

Ruth West Event

The Ruth West Gallery is 62' x 48'. Up to 150 guests can be accommodated with tables or 350 with chairs only.

LoLounge Galleryunge Gallery

The Lounge Gallery makes the perfect venue for a cocktail hour. If doing a seated event, it can accommodate 30 guests with tables or 60 with chairs chairs only.

John West GalleryJW NE

The John West Gallery consists of two separate wings. Collectively it can accommodate 100 with tables or 150 chairs only.

PPorte Cochereorte' Cochere

The Porte' Cochere may only be rented in conjunction with at least one of the galleries and includes access to a kitchen area.

For an additional charge, the Vilas-Rahr Mansion may be opened to your guests during your rental. 

Complete rental information and guidelines including fees and facility usage information may be found  on the Private Event Request form.

Rental Policy Statement

The Rahr-West Art Museum is a no-for-profit, tax-supported institution, operating as a department of the City of Manitowoc. The Museum will make space available for rental by outside parties on a limited basis, provided it does not interfere with the operations of the Museum, with Museum programming, or with any City governmental need. Indoor spaces are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the established policies and criteria of usage. The grounds are not available for rent.

The Museum will not rent space for fundraising activities that do not directly or indirectly support or enhance the mission of the museum or the promotion of other cultural activities within the area.

Activities that interfere with the use of a public exhibition space for more than one day will be considered at the discretion of the Director and the Board of Directors. One of the primary purposes of the museum is to serve the public through exhibition. Therefore, rental of the facility for non-museum related functions should not interfere with public accessibility.