Police Department Recruitment Process


The police officer recruitment and selection process is extensive from the application process to the first round of hiring. The recruitment and hiring process generally consists of the following components:

Step 1...

Online Application

  • Candidates complete an online application and attach all the required documents.
  • Potential candidates must meet the minimum qualifications with or without an accommodation to be considered for employment with the City of Manitowoc Police Department and to proceed to the next step in the recruitment process.

Step 2...

Written Test

  • The written test generally consists of multiple-choice questions designed to test the knowledge, skills, and abilities important to the performance of the Police Officer's job.
  • Candidates who pass the written test will be eligible to proceed to the Oral Exam/Panel Interview.

Step 3...

Oral Exam/Panel Interview
  • The Oral Interview Panel typically consists of four panelists from the Manitowoc Police Department. They measure candidates' skills in verbal comprehension, verbal expression, reasoning, fluency of ideas, and originality.
  • The same day of the Oral Interview usually consists of four (4) 45 minute stages.  The candidates will spend approximately 45 minutes at the following stations: 1) Training Coordinator Office learning about career path education and opportunities, 2) Field Training Officer-In squad car learning the city boundaries and squad equipment, 3) Detective Bureau reviewing evidence procedures, and 4) taking a brief personality profile test.

Step 4...

Eligibility List

  • Successful candidates will be placed on the eligibility list, which remains in effect for approximately twelve months or until such time as the list is dissolved by the Police & Fire Commission (PFC).
  • This eligibility list will then be used by the Police Chief to fill police officer vacancies and the Police Chief will make a selection from the eligibility list.


  • The Manitowoc PD will receive the candidates who score the highest from the eligibility list for the first vacancy. For each additional vacancy, the Police Chief will receive candidates from the eligibility list. The Police Chief may interview some or all candidates from the eligibility list. Upon completion of the interviews, the Chief selects the candidates in which he/she will extend a conditional offer of employment.
  • The conditional offer is contingent upon an extensive background/reference check, employment verification, and successful completion of a pre-employment medical examination, chemical/drug screen, and psychological evaluation with favorable ratings.
  • Upon successful completion of the background investigation and all tests, employment as a Police Officer recruit begins on a pre-determined date.
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