Grant on the left, Carver on the right.

Grant Lt Carver Rt
Grant Lft Carver Rt
Canadian Lynx:
Carver and Grant are two brothers who came from the Minnesota Zoo.  They were born in 2014 and are named after two counties in Minnesota.  Grant is the larger of the two with longer legs and is always the first to try everything.  Carver has more golden eyes and waits to see if his brother will get in trouble before following along with his antics.  These Canadian lynx are part of a Species Survival Plan to help increase their numbers.

  • Lynx are skilled hunters, using their great hearing (the tufts on the ears help) and eyesight so strong the lynx can spot a mouse 250 feet away.
  • Canadian lynx populations are tied to snowshoe hare populations and cycle with them.  So when snowshoe hare populations increase so do the lynx population.  And as hare population decrease lynx population go down as well.
  • Canadian lynx are very elusive and are rarely seen by humans.  Hence the nickname “shadow of the forest”.
For much of its range the population is stable but in the lower 48 states it cannot be trapped and their numbers are at risk.

Habitat destruction due to human encroachment and timber management are affecting lynx numbers as well as trapping for their fur.