Family Programs

Preschool Palette

Preschoolers explore a series of art-inspired discovery opportunities.

Sponsored by Fricke Printing Service, Inc.

3rd Wednesday & following Thursday of each month
9:00-10:00 am
Ages 3-5 years
Fee: $1.00 per child
All materials are provided

The same project is completed on both days.

*Beginning in January 2020 an afternoon session of Preschool Palette will be held on Wednesday afternoons at 2:00 pm. The Thursday session will take place at 9:00 am.

2019 Schedule

November 20 or 21 -  Turkey Time
Turn a cardboard tube into a cute turkey.

December 18 or 19 - Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments
Create a fun snowman ornament for your own tree or to give to someone special.

2020 Schedule

*Please note Wednesday time change

January 15 or 16 - Fingerprint Painted Winter Tree
Paint a winter tree trunk and add snow using fingerprints!

February 19 or 20 - Canvas Heart Art
Feel the LOVE and create an original painting.

March 18 or 19 - Lovely Lady Bugs
Use colored paper to create lady bugs and a grassy space for them.

April 15 or 16 - Hatching Baby Birds
Make a baby bird hatching from its egg.

May 20 or 21 - May Flowers
Use tissue paper to make beautiful 3D flowers.

June 18 - Bookworm Gardens Field Trip
No Class Wednesday, June 17.

July 15 or 16 - Shiny Fish Art
Create shiny, shimmering fish from CD's and sequins.

August 19 or 20 - Lightning Bug Jars
Capture a little magic in this day's art!

September 16 or 17 - Pine Cone Painting & Leaf Prints
Use pine cones and leaves to create some great prints.

October 21 or 22 - Monster Pots
Make a Halloween decoration using terra cotta flower pots.

November 18 or 19 - Bean Mosaic Turkeys
Use dried beans to jazz up a hand-traced turkey.

December 16 or 17 - Paper Plate Christmas Trees
Make a decorate a Christmas Tree!

Wacky Weekend Workshop

2nd Saturday of each month
1:00-3:00 pm
All ages
Free - Donations gratefully accepted
All materials are provided

You don't have to be creative or artistic, just drop in for an afternoon of fun for the whole family.
Participants must arrive by 2:30 pm to allow for time to complete the project.

2019 Schedule

November 9 - Fingerprint Turkeys
Make a happy turkey using your fingerprints.

December 14 - Colorful Christmas Trees
Create a fun and colorful Christmas tree.

2020 Schedule

January 11 - Snowy Day Tree Collage
Brighten up a winter day with a beautiful snowy day collage.

February 8 - Bundled Up Art
Make yourself bundled up in winter clothes.

March 14 - Paper Plate Leprechauns
Turn a paper plate into a mischievous leprechaun.

April 11 - Baby Birds in a Nest
Make baby birds and a next for them to play in.

May 9 - Fork Flowers
Create a vase or a field of tulips using a fork as your paintbrush.

June 13 - Out-Of-This-World Art
Design an outer space scene with colorful oil pastel planets.

July 11 - TBD

August 8 - Super Stacked Ice Cream Cone Paintings
Paint a a tall treat with all your favorite flavors.

September 12 - Sputnikfest
Wacky-tacky space fun!

October 10 - Cardboard Tube Monsters
Make silly Halloween creatures.

November 14 - Leafy Owl Decoration
Turn a paper bag into an owl with autumn leaf wings.

December 12 - Snowflake Ornaments
Use popsicle sticks to make a shiny ornament for your Christmas tree.

Preschool Palette

Participants may attend Wednesday OR Thursday. If they REALLY enjoyed the class, they may attend both days. Class begins with story time and is followed by an art activity.

3rd Wednesday and following Thursday of each month
9:00 - 10:00a
Ages 3 - 5 years (preschool)
Fee: $1 per child


2019 Schedule

January 16 or 17 - Fingerprint Snowpeople Scenes
Make a snowman or snowwoman using your fingerprints.

February 20 or 21 - Feather Painted Heart Art
Use feathers instead of a paintbrush to create some fantastic heart art.

March 20 or 21 - Lion Masks
Make a lion mask to wear.

April 17 or 18 - 3D Daffodils
Turn egg cartons into beautiful 3D Daffodils.

May 15 or 16 - Flower Pots
Paint a pretty pot to plant some flowers in this spring.

June 20 - Field trip (No class June 19)
Check back for more information on this fantastic family field trip!

July 17 or 18 - Firework Painting
Make beautiful firework art!

August 21 or 22 - "Stained Glass" Kites
Make colorful kites to celebrate the upcoming Kites over Lake Michigan event.

September 18 or 19 - VanGogh's Sunflowers
Inspired by Vincent VanGogh, we'll paint some beautiful sunflowers.

October 16 or 17 - Sweet-Toothed Monsters
Make a funny Halloween Monster.

November 20 or 21 - Turkey Time
Turn a cardboard tube into a cute turkey.

December 18 or 19 - Bottle Cap Snow Ornaments
Create a fun snowman ornament for your own tree or to give to someone special.