Business Process Improvement

Lean Initiative

Welcome to the City of Manitowoc's Business Process Improvement (BPI) webpages. The City’s BPI Team is proud to share with you information about the City staffs' achievements through our Lean Thinking Initiatives.

Our Lean journey began in 2012 as an outcome of the Strategic Planning Process in which a specific strategy focused on service and quality within our organization. The goal sought with this strategy is that:

"Quality services, delivered with respect, will continue to promote pride in the City of Manitowoc."

To accomplish this goal an initiative has been developed that will focus on improvement in our processes; such as how we deliver our services to each other and to our external customers.

This initiative called "Business Process Improvement" (BPI) will be a long term journey to help with proactive positive change and will also support the other organizational strategies. This effort will give all employees the knowledge and training to improve their work in a way that will remove waste or overburden and ensure that we are delivering the highest quality possible.

We began the journey in October of 2012 which included announcements and communications designed to help everyone better understand BPI and what it means to your department. Below are some answers to the common questions you may have:

  1. What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)?
  2. Why do we need Business Process Improvement?
  3. Who will be involved in the decisions for BPI?
  4. Where will we begin focusing our efforts with BPI?
  5. Will people lose their jobs or will we get more staff with BPI?

Please browse our webpages and links. The BPI Team is proud of the results produced by staff to date and think you will be too.  If there is a process you'd like to see us take a closer look at, please email us and let us know!