Residential Rental Registration


It is hereby found and declared that it is necessary to establish a program of residential rental property registration and City-wide inspection of residential dwelling units within the City to ensure that those units provide safe, decent and sanitary living conditions for their occupants and to prevent further deterioration of those units. This chapter is enacted to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public and to prevent blighted conditions in City neighborhoods by encouraging residential property owners to exercise their responsibility to ensure that the Manitowoc Municipal Code provisions governing the condition and maintenance of residential dwelling units are followed.


The owner of a residential rental dwelling unit located within the City shall record the residential rental contact registration with the Department on application forms provided by the Department for rental units existing on the effective date or within 30 days of full or partial occupancy of new construction or creation of residential rental units. 

The owner of a residential rental dwelling unit shall update the residential rental contact registration on file with the Department within 30 days of any changes in the information to ensure that it includes the correct and current contact information at all times.

The new owner of the residential rental dwelling unit shall submit to the City a completed residential contact registration within 30 days of sale, transfer, or conveyance.

Additional Information

Please contact department staff at (920) 686-6940 or by Department Email