Wheel Tax

General Information

  • Effective March 1, 2019 a wheel tax will be applied to the annual vehicle registration fee for each vehicle you own
    • The fee is $20 per vehicle per year (NOT per wheel)
    • Only on vehicles registered in the City of Manitowoc
    • Example: The annual registration fee in Wisconsin for a regular automobile is $85.00 - for vehicles registered in the City of Manitowoc, it will now be $105.00 annually
  • The wheel tax will eliminate special assessments on road repairs, reconstruction, or resurfacing performed after January 1, 2019
  • The Wisconsin Department of Transportation collects the wheel tax fee and keeps an administrative fee of $0.17 per vehicle; the remaining $19.83 will be returned to the City of Manitowoc 
  • All revenue collected shall be placed in a segregated fund for the purposes of repair, reconstruction, and resurfacing of roads 
    • The Common Council will review this on an annual basis to ensure all expenditures fall within the guidelines established


Click here to view the Wheel Tax Ordinance (MMC 23.200)

More Information

​Click here to visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation web page regarding wheel tax