Comprehensive Park & Recreation Plan

The "Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan is designed to provide an overall picture of park and open space needs for the City of Manitowoc, with an implementation element that prioritizes the most pressing park needs and projects over the next six years and beyond."  Some of the reasons for updating the plan are as follows:

1.  "Maintain eligibility for WDNR Stewardship Fund grants.  A community's park plan must be updated every five years to maintain eligibility.
2.  Document the need for future projects in an effort to solicit other sources of funding.
3.  Identify developing recreational trends and position the City to address these trends as opportunities.
4.  Use the update process as an opportunity to involve various "Stakeholder Groups" as partners to implement park goals, objectives, and new opportunities.
5.  Use the update process to generate public input on park opportunities and directives.
6.  Update park maps to show existing facilities and potential future park projects.
7.  Assist Department Heads and Community Leaders with budgeting for capital improvements."

The City of Manitowoc Common Council adopted the attached Comprehensive Park & Recreation Plan, completed by Martenson & Eisele, Inc., on November 20, 2017.

Cover Page
Adopted Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Plan
Appendices A-H
Map01 City Parks
Map02 City Trails
Map03 North Lakefront Trails
Map04 South Lakefront Trails
Map05 Trail Red Arrow to Silver Creek

Individual Park Maps
Blue Rail Park
Blue Rail Park - Beach
Burger Boat Company Park
Calumet Avenue Wayside 
Camp Vits Park
Citizen Park
Dale Street Park
Emma Radandt Park
Fleetwood Park
Halvorsen Park
Henry Schuette Park
Indian Creek Park
Lakeview Park
Lincoln Park Conservancy
Lincoln Park Zoo Details
Lincoln Park Zoo
Lincolnshire Park
Little Manitowoc River Walkway
Manitou Park and Conservancy
Manitowoc Community Garden
Manitowoc Marina
Manitowoc River Walkway
Manitowoc Senior Center
Manitowoc Shipbuilders Company Park
Mariners Landing West
Memorial Drive Wayside Park
Miracles Park
Municipal Baseball Field
Pulaski Park
Red Arrow Conservancy
Red Arrow Park
Rheaume Park
River Heights Park
Riverview Drive Park
Riverview Park (a.k.a. John Schuette Park)
Silver Creek Park
Silveridge Park
South Lakefront Wayside
Union Park
Washington Park
Westfield Park

Map of City Parks