Past Exhibits

This listing includes exhibits held at the Rahr-West Art Museum. It is not intended to be inclusive, as annual exhibits such as the Youth Art Series, The Art of Tablesettings, and Christmas in the Mansion are not listed.

2021 Exhibitions

The Manitowoc/MOWA Cabinet: The Work of Patrick Burke, David Carpenter and Randy Sahli
July 11-September 5, 2021
This exhibit revolves around a very special cabinet that was commissioned by the Museum of Wisconsin Art. Featuring the carpentry of Randy Sahli, the carvings of Patrick Burke, the painting of David Carpenter and finishing by Julie Gunderson, this work has deep ties to the community. A selection of work by each artist will be on exhibit.

Portrait of Manitowoc Project
February 28-July 25, 2021
This community art project led by portrait artist Sonia Vasquez was created between October 2020 and February 2021. This project was generously funded by Art Bridges. 

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Ann Barbeau Photography
May 9-July 3, 2021
Ann Barbeau: Photography, featured digital photography by Manitowoc artist Ann Barbeau. Barbeau’s work celebrates the beauty she finds in Manitowoc. The images focus on four subjects: a walk along the shore, details from the forests, beach ice, and the sunrise.  

For the Love of Eggs: Curated by the Friends of the Rahr-West Art Museum
March 7-April 4, 2021
This exhibit featured eggs on loan from local collectors, celebrating decorative eggs from many different and cultures.

New Acquisitions
January 29-February 21, 2021
Featured recent gifts to the Rahr-West Art Museum by artists Judith Roth, Lest Schwartz, Sterling Rathsack, and more.

2020 Exhibitions

Water's Edge Artists: The Art of Preservation
September 27 - November 1, 2020
Features artists dedicated to recording historic, endangered, or threatened places.

Lakeshore Artists Guild "What We Made"
September 18-October 18, 2020
Art helps us to process what is happening in the world around us. It starts conversations and builds bridges. It helps us to express our feelings in a safe way and ease our burdens. "What We Made" is an exhibit of work crated since March 15, 2020 in response to the events of this year.

On Loan from Art Bridges
June 7-September 13, 2020
This summer, two contemporary art works will be on loan from the organization Art Bridges: Terry Adkins’ Native Son (Circus) and Felix Gonzalez-TorresUntitled (L.A.). Art Bridges’ mission is to share outstanding works of American Art with those that have limited access to our country’s most meaningful works. This mission is achieved by partnering with institutions of all sizes on projects that deeply engage communities.

Ron Stokes: Retrospective
June 7-August 9, 2020
An avid watercolor artist, Ron also liked to experiment in various other mediums. A lifelong arts educator, Ron spent more than 30 years working with the Manitowoc Public School District. Learn more about Ron Stokes.

What They Were Wearing
June 7-August 9, 2020
An exhibit developed by InCourage and exhibited at the Rahr-West Art Museum explored the stigma associated with victims of sexual assault attached to their clothing. The installation was designed to show that sexual assault and rape do not discriminate based upon what a person was wearing, by presenting the outfits worn by victims when they were assaulted.

2019 Exhibitions

Hmong Heritage & Culture
December 8, 2019-January 12, 2020
Featured artwork and artifacts celebrating the unique artisanship and culture of the Hmong people.

Pure Energy: Charles Dix & Doris White
June 9-August 11, 2019
This exhibition used the Rahr-West Art Museum's extensive collection to examine two of Wisconsin's most acclaimed abstract expressionists.

The Naval Art of Thomas Hart Benton
May 19-September 15, 2019
This exhibition examined Thomas Hart Benton's Naval artwork created during World War II.

Joan Emmett is Fantastic
January 27-February 17, 2019
From steam-punk machines to fanciful artwork, Manitowoc artist Joan Emmett brings fantasy to life with her creations.

2018 Exhibitions

Ladies of the Lake Quilters
December 9, 2019-January 13, 2019
Featured beautiful hand-made quilts by the local Ladies of the Lake quilt group.

Really Big Prints
July 22-September 16, 2018
Featured prints made during UW Manitowoc's Really Big Prints 3.0 event.

R.T. Wallen: Naturally
July 1-September 16, 2018
This exhibit showcased the Manitowoc sculptor's creations in bronze and stone lithography.

Modern Masters: Twentieth Century Prints
June 10-August 12, 2018
Organized by the reading Public Museum, this exhibit featured prints from the major modern artists of the 20th Century, including Warhol, Picasso, Dali, and more.

2017 Exhibitions

University of Wisconsin Faculty Art
December 3, 2017-January 14, 2018
Featured work by faculty members from throughout the University of Wisconsin system in a variety of media.

Marc Chagall: Le Cirque
June 11-August 13, 2017
Featured the rare and internationally coveted series of 38 Le Cirque lithographs. This collection, known to collectors as the Teriade Portfolio, is revered as one of the best 20th Century print art series.

Silent Service: Artwork from the Naval History & Heritage Command
May 21-September 17, 2017
This traveling Naval exhibition included select artwork created by the Navy's in residence artist, John Charles Roach.

Poetry in Color: The Works of Bert Zylstra
January 15-February 12, 2017
Featured the colorful paintings of Dutch artist Bert Zylstra, complimented by the poetry of Kathryn Gahl.