Baby / Child Spaces

General Information for Baby / Child Spaces

Evergreen Cemetery cherishes the time-honored tradition of in-ground interment. Traditional in-ground burials in Section L for babies or children under the age of 10 involve the lot (which is 29" x 48"), the opening and closing of the grave, and the memorial stone or marker and the casket/vault combination. Baby/Child Spaces are selected by cemetery staff (generally the next one in line is used).  Lot fees include perpetual care and sales tax. Burial fees are extra. See the fee schedule for current pricing.  Evergreen Cemetery requires the use of burial vaults for traditional burials, which maintains the grave and protects the casket. A basic vault or casket/vault combination container meets our requirements, and a vault with a liner, which offers greater protection to the casket, is also acceptable.

Evergreen Cemetery also requires foundations for memorial markers. Memorial markers are available through a local monument dealer and vaults are available through your funeral director. Memorials at Evergreen Cemetery can be flush with the lawn or upright and can be made of bronze or granite and personalized to reflect a loved one.  On baby spaces, markers are limited to a maximum base of 20" x 12", and granite markers must be between 4" and 18" high.

General Information for Fetus Spaces

For those experiencing the loss of a baby/fetus, an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a Baby / Child Space is a free 12" x 12" Fetus Space in Section L.  The fetus area was established in 1992.  Fetus spaces are selected by cemetery staff (generally the next one in line is used.)  Burials in this area are done free of charge on a weekday at the convenience of cemetery staff.  In order to keep costs down, funeral services are not permitted at the time of burial.  Due to the small spaces, individual markers are not allowed in this area, rather there is a common marker "in memory of our unborn infants."  
Unborn Infants Marker