Concrete Paving (Kellner, Fleetwood & Andrea Ct. Storm Sewer): 

Estimated Construction Dates:   August – October  The Start date will be August 22nd.

Reconstruction of Fleetwood Drive from N. Rapids Rd. to 600 ft. east of Kellner St.   The road will be closed to through traffic.

Reconstruction of Kellner St. from Fleetwood Drive to Menasha Ave.  The road will have one lane of one-way traffic northbound during the project.

Andrea Ct. – the western portion of the cul-de-sac will be closed for the storm sewer work.

South 14th St. Lift Station:                   

Rehabilitation of the S. 14th St. Lift Station which also includes the replacement of gravity sanitary sewer and force main.

S. 14th St. between Jackson St. and Flambeau St. will be closed to through traffic from approximately June 27th until July 22nd for the sanitary sewer pipe replacement and pavement restoration work.

The overall Completion Date for this project is September 30th.

View 8th & 10th Street Two Way Reversion Notification Page

2022 Sidewalk Remove & Replace:                

Complaints Only & Pulaski Park Perimeter Sidewalks  -  Late Summer/Fall


Asphaltic Concrete Paving I (Mariners Trail, Washington Street & Alleys):  

Mariners Trail Repaving from E. Reed Ave. to north of Lilac Dr. (Manitowoc Chamber).  This section of trail will be closed from approx. May 23rd to June 10th. 


Mill and Asphalt Overlay of Washington Street from S. 21st to S. 25th St.  The road will be closed to traffic and a detour set up. – The work is anticipated to take place between July 11th and July 29th.


Alleys #4, #6 & #21 – July 11th to August 5th.  Alleys will be closed to traffic.

Alley #4 is bounded by Cleveland, New York, Lincoln & N. 8th St

Alley #6 is bounded by New York, Pine, N. 6th & Lincoln

Alley #21 is bounded by Rankin, Waldo, N. 20th & N. 21st St.

2022 Seal Coating Program: 

Typically, this work gets completed in August and only takes 1-2 days.

South 17th Street (Franklin to Washington St)

Rankin Street (N. 21st St to Kemper St)

Hancock Street (S. 9th St to S 10th St)

Nagle Avenue (N 18th St to the Northwest)

Clark Street (S 23rd St to S 26th St)

South Lake Street (Marshall St to Madison St)

North 6th Street (New York Ave to 20' N of Pine St)

North 8th Street (Albert Dr South to old RR tracks)

North 9th Street (200' N of Waldo Blvd to N of School St)

Clermont Street (100' E of Elm St to N 18th St)


Re-Lining Sewers:  Various Streets        

Estimated Construction Dates:   July to Sept.


2022 Sanitary Sewer Construction:

10 Different Locations   

Estimated Construction Dates:   July to Sept.


Epoxy Pavement Markings:                    

Installation of the proper pavement markings on 8th and 10th St. for the conversion to 2-Way Traffic.


The work is anticipated to occur between July 11th and August 5th.


Watermain Construction South of Viebahn St.:

The exact schedule is unknown, but is anticipated to be from Mid-June to November.


2022 Concrete Slab Replacements: 

The work includes full depth removal and replacement of defective concrete slabs on Division Street from S. 32nd to S. 35th St., Maritime Drive north of Buffalo St. by the YMCA, and on Shorewood Blvd. near Fenway Terr.

The work is anticipated to start on June 13th.  There will be Lane Closures only.


Concrete Paving II

This project includes the realignment/reconstruction of the Cleveland Ave. Intersection with Maritime Drive.  One southbound lane of Maritime Drive will be closed during the project.  In addition, Cleveland Ave. between Maritime Drive and North 3rd Street will be closed to through traffic.


The work is anticipated to start on June 8th.


Maritime Drive Bridge over the Little Manitowoc River & Bridge Approaches: 

This project will consist of mudjacking the existing voids under the pavement abutting the bridge and lifting up the existing pavement panels to eliminate the existing dips abutting the bridge.

The work is anticipated to take place from June 13th through June 15th.

The roadway will be closed to traffic.


Concrete Paving III

This project includes intersection modifications for 2-Way Streets, which includes a new left turn lane on Waldo Blvd. at North 8th Street and some traffic signal modifications, geometric changes at N. 10th St. and N. Water St. and geometric changes on Menasha Ave. at North 11th St.


This work is expected to start on June 13th and is anticipated to be completed around July 1st.


There will be a 9-day road closure for southbound traffic on N. 8th St. and for westbound traffic on Waldo Blvd. between N. 8th and N. 9th St.  There will be a detour for this traffic.

Asphaltic Concrete Paving II: 

The project includes the reconstruction of the existing pavement on Meadow Ln. at the CN Railroad Crossing.  The work is expected to start on June 20th.  The road will be closed to traffic and a detour will be set-up.


The project also includes the complete reconstruction of S. 7th St. from Franklin to Marshall St. and milling and overlay on S. 7th St. from Marshall St. to Madison St.   The project is scheduled to start on the week of August 15th.   The Completion date will be sometime in October.

River Point Development – Phase I and Phase II:                                

Construction will be ongoing through Fall.


The work includes concrete pavement, concrete curb and gutter and concrete sidewalks as well as landscaping amenities on River Point Drive, York Street and North 11th St.