Code Resources

The information listed below is intended as a simplified reference of codes and standards enforced by the City of Manitowoc and is not a comprehensive list for all projects.

Manitowoc Municipal Codes
Chapter 15, Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Chapter 16, Building, Heating and Ventilating Code

Chapter 17, Plumbing Code

Chapter 18, Electrical Code

Wisconsin State Codes
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Decks Wisconsin SPS 320 - 325 Appendix B

Decks Wisconsin SPS 320 - 325 Appendix C

Decks Wisconsin SPS UDC Code FAQ's

Wall Bracing Permanent Rules

Wisconsin Uniform Building Code (UBC)

Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC)

Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services

Additional Topics
Asbestos Abatement and Regulations. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Asbestos Contractor Training and Certification. Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Multi-Unit Residential. Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services

Wisconsin's Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Lead Contractor Training and Certification. Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Additional Information
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