Figure Drawing/Painting

Students will bring their own materials and work mostly self-guided. Instructor will be available to answer questions and provide guidance when needed. 

Instructor: Sonia Vasquez
Thursdays, 6:00-9:00pm (dates may vary) 

See Adult Programs for current class dates.

$25 RWAM Members | $35 Nonmembers

Ages 12 & up for clothed models
Ages 18 & up for nude models*

Things to know for Figure Drawing & Painting Classes

This class is self-guided. The instructor will be available to answer questions and work with the model. However, students will be working on their own during the class.

Bring your own materials
Students are encouraged to bring their own materials to work with during the class. Some paper and pencils will be available for those who may need them. Oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, pencils, and charcoal are all welcome.

For beginners, we recommend students start with soft vine charcoal and newsprint paper.

Poses will generally start short (1, 5, 10 minutes) and then go to longer poses (1-2 hours). Short poses are meant to help get students "warmed up" and to practice finding lines and forms quickly. Longer poses will allow for more fully formed drawings/paintings. Instructor will work with the model on posing when needed.

We greatly appreciate our models, so we want to treat them with tremendous respect. Please do not take photos of the models unless they explicitly say in the class that students are welcome to do so. If at any point a model is uncomfortable mentally or physically, we will make sure it is corrected.

Be mindful of the other artists around you - making sure they have their space and are able to see the model.

Have fun, learn, and be inspired!