Terrace Tree Stumps

Regarding stump removal, the City of Manitowoc Municipal Code 8.190(14) "Removal of Trees & Stumps" states: "Trees cut down in public areas shall be removed and the root stump grubbed out, or ground out, to a depth of at least nine inches below grade measured in a straight line. If no sidewalk exists, the grade of grubbing should be one-third inch per foot from a point nine inches below the curb. All brush and debris must be removed from the public areas by the property owner or their agent. All holes shall be filled to normal grade level with topsoil or native soil as soon as practical."

Funds are currently not available for stump removals, unless they are associated with a large-scale City project, such as road re-construction, which often has different funding sources. If a property owner wishes to remove a stump, they may do so. They are not obligated to remove the stump, although they may want to hire a contractor to remove the stump or consider doing the work themselves. 

Whether the property owner or the contractor remove the stump, it is their responsibility to contact Digger's Hotline at 1-800-242-5811 at least three working days before digging, as required by law, in order to have all of the utilities marked. Only qualified personnel should perform the stump removal. They will be responsible for paying for any repairs made to the damaged utility lines. The property owner is responsible for hauling away the cuttings from the stump itself and for restoration of the terrace following the removal of the stump.