Brownfields Program

The City of Manitowoc has an active and robust brownfield program aimed at inventory, investigating, and cleanup of brownfields throughout the community.  In partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), the City has been successful in attraction substantial resources for this work.  The funding from our partners has been leveraged by City funding to attract additional investment from the private sector.  


2021 EPA Coalition Assessment Grant
Working with the City of Two Rivers and Progress Lakeshore, the City was successful in pursuit of a Coalition Assessment Grant in 2021.  Funding through this grant supports Phase I, Phase II, and Remedial Action Planning for public and private entities located within the City.   Eligible work is provided by the City’s consultant Stantec. 

If you are interested in pursuing the use of this funding, please contact the Community Development Department at 920-686-6930.  

2022 EPA Cleanup Grant
This $500,000 award was targeted toward cleanup of portions of the River Point District located along the Manitowoc River and west of North 10th Street.  A former salvage/junk yard was remediated in the spring of 2023 and additional clean fill is anticipated to brought onto the site in fall of 2023.

2021 - 2023 WEDC Site Assessment Grants
The City has received over $400,000 in awards from the WEDC to support investigation, testing and remedial action planning at the River Point District.  This funding has been key in creating the need for the EPA Cleanup Grants and clearing the way for private development at the site.  

2023 EPA Cleanup Grant
This $500,000 award was announced in May of 2023 and work is underway. The funding is being utilized for importation of clean fill to cover contamination and the removal of hotspots within the River Point District.


Former Mirro site
River Point District
The Preserves Subdivision
City Parking Lot at 10th and York Streets
Industrial Site on Spring Street
CN Railroad Right-of-Way
See a map of locations here


The  Brownfields Advisory Committee (BAC) was established in 2013 and provides significant oversight/input on the City’s highly-successful Brownfields program. BAC members review and provide input on many of the applications for funding assistance and community involvement planning while bringing important community voices to the table.  The BAC membership is intended to address community needs such as the City’s need for outside funding to address brownfields and many of the threat faced by sensitive populations; health and welfare; greater incidences of illness and disease; and their need for environmental justice. If you are interested in learning more or applying to serve on the committee, click here

More Information and Partner Links
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