Tennis Lessons

Due to lack of instructors, we are unable to offer Tennis Lessons for the Summer of 2019

Beginner lessons are the perfect opportunity for children to learn the fundamentals of Tennis. Activities focus on building Agility, Balance, and Coordination skills (ABC’s) while developing the on-court skills needed. They will further develop both forehand and backhand ground strokes, appropriate grip, and tennis-specific footwork patterns. Players will eventually advance to the Advanced Beginner program with a much-improved understanding of how to “play” the game. Ages 7-9 years.

Advanced Beginner classes are designed to continue building athletic skills while learning or refining the skills necessary to serve, volley and score. Players will continue to develop ground strokes/volleys/serves, work on footwork, and also begin learning strategy. Ages 10 & up.

Lessons are held at the Lincoln Park Tennis Courts on N. 8th Street and are 50 minutes in length.

This program is co-sponsored by the Y and taught by YMCA Staff. Each child will be evaluated and may be asked to move to a different level based upon their skill.

Registration Information

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