Adult Recreation

The City of Manitowoc Recreation Department provides a variety of different Adult Recreation Programs throughout the year. If you are looking for more information or are interested in a program we do not currently offer, please contact the Recreation Department at (920)686-3060. Click here for the Roster/Waiver Forms. 

Spring 2023

League Scores/Standing
Wednesday-Mixed Couples Volleyball Scores/Standings
Thursday-Men's Basketball Scores/Standings

Summer 2023

League Scores/Standings TBD
Monday-Coed Softball Scores/Standings
Wednesday-Men's Softball Scores/Standings
Thursday Lower-Men's Softball Scores/Standings
Thursday Mid-Men's Softball Scores/Standings
Thursday Upper-Men's Softball Scores/Standings

Winter 2024

League Scores/Standings
Monday- Coed Volleyball Scores/Standings
Wednesday- Men's Volleyball Scores/Standings
Thursday- Men's Basketball Scores/Standings

Fall 2023

League Scores/Standings
Coed Volleyball Scores/Standings
Men's Volleyball Scores/Standings
Men's Wednesday Softball Scores/Standings
Men's Thursday Softball Scores/Standings
Men's Basketball Scores/Standings
Flag Football Scores/Standings


This non-officiated league plays in the Fall and Winter at the Citizen Park Gymnasium. The seasons are typically 10 weeks long with game play on Thursday evenings. Players must be 18 years or older to join this league. Click Here for the Manitowoc Recreation Department Basketball Rule Book.   

Basketball- Rookie

The Rookie Basketball League is for players who are enrolled in High School or are 17 years old and younger. This officiated league plays on Saturday afternoons during the Winter. This league is typically 10 weeks long. Click here for the Manitowoc Recreation Department Rookie Basketball Rule Book. 

Mini Golf

We have several Mini Golf leagues that range from children, youth, adults and seniors. Mini golf is held at the Mini Golf Course attached to the Manitowoc Family Aquatic Center. Participants in the league are allowed to go any time during the week to get their scores in, scores are then reported to the mini golf staff for the Recreation Department to track. For more information on the Mini Golf Course click here


Adult Softball is the highlight of our Summer season. With a COED League on Mondays, and two different Men’s Leagues on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Softball is an officiated league that runs for 12 weeks. Players need to be 16 years old and up to participate. Click Here for the Manitowoc Recreation Department Softball Rule Book. 


We hold Volleyball leagues in the Fall, Winter and Spring. COED and Men’s are held during all three seasons and our Women’s League is held during the spring season. Players must be 16 years or older to join this non-officiated league. Click Here to for the Manitowoc Recreation Department Volleyball Rule Book. 

*If you have any questions regarding team sports, please contact Recreation Team Leader, Michelle Michels | 920-686-3064