Manitowoc Noon Rotary Officer of the Year

Officer Steven Nolan

We would like to congratulate Officer Steven Nolan for being selected as the Manitowoc Police Department’s 2020 Noon Rotary Officer of the Year!

Officer Nolan has been with our police department since December of 2014.  He was also a Community Service Worker Intern at our Police Department   prior to that.

Officer Nolan was recognized in his nomination letter for his positive attitude, excellent work ethic, and professionalism.  Steve has become one of our top Field Training Officers on the Department, and provides top-notch training for new officers.  He is also a Defense and Arrest Tactics Instructor and a member of our Bike Patrol Unit. 

Officer Nolan has given numerous ride alongs. One participant sent us the following message: “ I would just like to tell you that Nolan did one hell of a job.  It would have been easy for him to just do his job like normal and have me watch. However, he went above and beyond.  He not only showed me things so I would understand, but he did the best he could to wake me up to the job and explained what it was really like...he was amazing and I hope you recognize him; he deserves it!  You guys found a special officer.”

We would also like to recognize Officer Mike Laabs and Officer Travis Van Kauwenberg who were also nominated for this distinguished award.


Manitowoc Eagles Club Officer of the Year

Officer Kayla Rocklewitz

The Manitowoc Police Department is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2021 Eagles Club Officer of the Year Award is Officer Kayla Rocklewitz. Officer Rocklewitz has served on the Manitowoc Police Department since January of 2014 and is currently assigned to second shift patrol.

Officer Rocklewitz was nominated by her direct supervisors who noted she has shown dedication to both her job and the citizens of Manitowoc. Officer Rocklewitz has donated her time to Manitowoc Police programs such as Shop with a Cop and Police Explorers. Additionally she volunteers for the Lighthouse Recovery Center. Officer Rocklewitz is quick to help out her fellow officers whenever needed. She is especially knowledgeable with investigations involving social media and is a vital resource for officers during those investigations. Officer Rocklewitz has become a certified Field Training Officer and successfully prepares probationary officers for solo patrol.

Over the last several years Officer Rocklewitz has participated in the Shop with a Cop program. She has helped out with the gift shopping and she has also helps out by putting together hygiene bags for each family. This program is a huge success thanks to volunteers like Officer Rocklewitz.

Officer Rocklewitz has assisted with role playing scenarios to help Manitowoc Police Explorers prepare for upcoming competitions. She has also volunteered her time by participating in the yearly bonding night, where she was on teams with explorers competing in games and creating bonds with the young adults.

Officer Rocklewitz regularly checks with the Lighthouse Recovery Center to see if they need any supplies prior to doing a Costco run.  Off duty she purchases any needed supplies and delivers them. As a result of her dedication, she has been nominated for a Lighthouse Dose of Hope Award in 2019 and 2020.

Officer Rocklewitz is a shining example of what it means to have compassion, one of our core values of the Manitowoc Police Department. She has exhibited extraordinary enthusiasm and care for her community and is certainly someone who is doing the right thing, the right way, for the right reason! Congratulations once again to Officer Kayla Rocklewitz!!