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1902 Police Department

In 1902, nine officers made up the Manitowoc Police Department. Salaries at that time were $850 per year for the chief, $600 per year for the assistant chief, and $540 per year for patrol officers.

Each officer, including the chief, got two days off each month. The department had two shifts and officers worked 12 hour days. Patrol officers worked over 4,176 hours per year and averaged just under $0.13 per hour.
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1904 Police Department

Members of the Manitowoc Police Department circa 1904, from left to right:
  • First Row: Anton Trochlell, Chief Jerome Pierce, and Captain William Carle
  • Second Row: George Groffman, Charles Dueno, Hiram Smith, and William Menge
  • Third Row: Peter Ziarnik, Royal Sniffin, Gunder Benson, and August Eggert
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Manitowoc Police Department's First Motorcycle

In 1923, the Manitowoc Police Department purchased this Harley Davidson motorcycle. The officer shown is George Darbant. This photo was taken in front of the Glander Art Studio, located at South Ninth and Washington Street (northeast corner).

1920 Police Department

Police Department circa 1920 from left to right:
  • Top Row: Charles Schmidt, Frank Tomchek, George Darbant, William Lasch, and William Deigel
  • Center Row: Charles Denor, William Christiansen, Walter Herman, and Reinholdt Boeder - Unidentified Brown County Officer
  • Bottom Row: Matt Dufek, Con Healy, Aaron Peterson, and Charles Novak
This picture was taken by the Police Department on Franklin Street.

Full History

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