Manitowoc Professional Police Association

The MPPA-Manitowoc Professional Police Association is a non-profit organization consisting of law enforcement officers with the Manitowoc Police Department. The MPPA was formed on January 22, 1964. The purpose of the association is to promote the Manitowoc Police Department and its officers, and to financially support local youth activities and organizations. The MPPA is an affiliate of the WPPA-Wisconsin Professional Police Association.

The MPPA Objectives:

  1. To encourage the highest degree of skill and efficiency in police work and the highest standards of conduct by Manitowoc police officers.
  2. To strive for public recognition of police work as a profession and to encourage law enforcement officers to make a career of their profession.
  3. To assist lawmakers in the enactment of needed criminal laws and the amendment of existing inefficient laws: take necessary action on all existing and proposed legislation that will affect the law enforcement profession.
  4. To gather and disseminate useful and educational information pertaining to scientific crime detection, traffic control, gathering and preparing evidence, the laws of arrest, crime prevention and cellular police problems.
  5. To actively combat juvenile delinquency.

The MPPA financial sponsorships:
  • Youth baseball, hockey, football and basketball teams and program
  • Three $500.00 college scholarships are awarded - one to a student from each local high school in Manitowoc
  • School Safety Patrol Picnic where seven-hundred fifth and sixth grade students participate

Donations are given to the following organizations:
  • Manitowoc Chiefs Football
  • Manitowoc D.A.R.E.
  • American Cancer Society
  • Manitowoc County 4-H
  • National Law Enforcement Memorial
  • Lakeshore Holiday Parade
  • Children's Memorial Foundation
  • Manitowoc Parks and Recreation-Haunted Halloween Program
  • Manitowoc Crime Prevention Day
  • Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Special Olympics
  • Shop with a Cop Program
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program
  • Association for Developmentally Disabled Campers Program
  • Manitowoc County Bass Club
  • Manitowoc Bicycle and Safety Rodeo