Parking Tickets

Parking Ticket Payment

If you wish to pay for a parking ticket which occurred in the City of Manitowoc, payment must be made in the appropriate amount prescribed for the violation within 15 calendar days of the issue of the parking ticket. Failure to pay or contest your parking ticket within the 15 calendar days of the issue date will result in additional penalties.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will suspend your vehicle registration and refuse registration of any of your vehicles if you fail to pay or do not contest this parking ticket within 45 days from the issue date.


Contested Parking Ticket Information
If you wish to contest a City of Manitowoc parking ticket:

- The registered owner of the vehicle must report to the Manitowoc Police Department within 15 calendar days of the issuance of the parking ticket.

- The parking ticket holder does not have to appear on the initial scheduled court date as a "Not Guilty" plea will be entered on the ticket holders behalf.

- The parking ticket holder will receive further correspondence from the Manitowoc City Attorney's office as to when a pre-trial conference would be scheduled.