Docks & Harbor

The City of Manitowoc oversees the operation of the Harbor and coordinates needed maintenance and capital projects with users and potential users of the Harbor. The City is a member of the Wisconsin Commercial Ports Association.

The Manitowoc City Harbor Commission meets semi-annually and as needed to discuss matters relating to the Harbor as well as to discuss the City's interest in matters affecting the physical and regulatory marine environment.

For overnight docking information contact the Manitowoc Marina at 920-682-5117.

In cooperation with the City Planning Department, the Harbor Commission approves the 3-year Harbor Plan which outlines possible capital projects for the Improvement of the Harbor. The Harbor Commission also oversees the administration lease for the Manitowoc Marina.

The Manitowoc Harbor is a Federally authorized port on the west shore of Lake Michigan. The Federal Project extends from the entrance at the outer breakwater into the Manitowoc River and extends around the peninsula to the location of the Railroad swing bridge. In cooperation with the Army Corps of Engineers, the city maintains an extension for the channel from the swing bridge up to the fixed railroad bridge upriver from the Burger Boats yard. The authorized channel depth is 21 feet to the extension and 18 feet beyond that.

The Detroit office of the Army Corps of Engineers has jurisdiction of the Port of Manitowoc. Their web site contains survey charts of the Harbor and information on dredging projects undertaken or planned. Visit the Detroit Office of the Army Corps of Engineers' website.