Stormwater Management

The Stormwater Management Ordinance for the City of Manitowoc is intended to control the quality and the quantity of stormwater that is leaving newly developed and redeveloped sites. As the City continues to develop it is important for us to plan for future quantities of stormwater. With this ordinance the City can plan for future increases in stormwater runoff. With increases in stormwater, the City also needs to be prepared for possible increases in contaminants that are associated with urban stormwater runoff. The stormwater management ordinance is one way to help ensure clean water for the future as well as promoting environmentally sensitive decisions.

Permit Forms

These are blank maintenance agreement forms.  One is for storm water wet pond and has a higher insurance requirement then the other dry ponds or infiltration type treatment facilities.  Fill out and submit the Maintenance Agreement required with the site plan and storm water management plan for review.  Once approved and a signed/notarized original agreement is submitted to the Engineering Department an Erosion Control Permit and Building Permit may be issued.