Street Sweeping

Many of our storm sewers lead directly to Lake Michigan, the Manitowoc and Little Manitowoc River, and Silver Creek. So it is important to remember that anything that is put in the street is ultimately going to end up in the lake or river. A cleaner street means a cleaner river, a cleaner lake and a cleaner drinking water source.

In an effort to reduce the amount of material that enters the storm sewers and ultimately our waterways, to keep the streets clean, and to cost effectively meet the WDNR's Municipal Storm Water Permit Requirements, the City has a street sweeping program and a street sweeping parking ban.


The City Public Works Department begins street sweeping around April 1st of every year, weather permitting. The City currently has two high-efficiency vacuum sweepers that sweep almost the entire City in one week. However, this varies in spring and fall when there is a larger amount of material (sand and leaves) in the street.

The City removes over 3,000 cubic yards of street sweepings from our streets each year. Help us reduce this amount and help keep our waterways clean by keeping all yard waste and other debris out of the street.

Street Sweeping Parking Ban April 1st to September 30th

In April 2009, the Common Council adopted parking restrictions for street sweeping (10.1015) in an effort to comply with the City's Municipal Storm Water Discharge Permit. The parking restrictions are in effect each year from April 1st through September 30th between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. in the designated districts.  

Street Sweeping Press Release

To find out the street sweeping day for your address, see the district map.

Additional Information:


When the Fourth of July falls on a weekday or on Memorial Day and Labor Day, the street sweeping parking band will not be in effect (i.e. the north & south districts will be skipped).  For example, on Memorial Day Monday, the normal Monday districts will be skipped, and street sweeping will resume on Tuesday for the Tuesday districts.  If the sweepers finish their Tuesday districts early, they may sweep portions of the Monday districts, but the parking ban would not be in effect for the Monday districts on Tuesday.

Change to Leaf Parking Ban After Sept. 30th

Street sweeping will continue through the end of leaf pickup, weather permitting, although the parking ban changes on October 1st for leaf pickup.  See the Brush & Leaf Pickup page for information about the leaf pickup parking ban.