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People visiting Manitowoc from throughout the United States are impressed with the beauty of Evergreen Cemetery. This is due in part to the 6,000 flowers which are planted annually by cemetery staff, as well as the thousands of flowers planted by survivors of loved ones.

The flowers planted by the cemetery staff are planted on the graves of people who deposited money into a perpetual flower care fund. No new accounts were accepted into this fund after July 1, 1975, due to the size of the planting program. People are encouraged to contact local florists to set up contracts for planting of annual flowers on family graves.


Evergreen Cemetery averages 196 burials per year.  Burials are performed year-round, although additional fees may apply in winter. At the present time, there are over 29,000 burials in the cemetery. The cemetery has an area reserved for the burial of infants and young children. In addition, there are spaces owned by the Veterans Service Office that are reserved for the burial of indigent veterans. Please contact the Veterans Office to see if you qualify by calling (920) 683-4055.


At Evergreen Cemetery, you have the option of purchasing a marker or headstone from any vendor you wish as long as the marker complies with Evergreen Cemetery's Rules & Regulations.  This helps to keep your fees low. Please note that foundations are required and are poured only by Evergreen Cemetery staff.  See the fee schedule for pricing.  If you choose one of the local monument dealers below, they will collect the foundation fees at the time you purchase the marker; otherwise, you will need to pay for the foundation in advance.
  • Zabel Monuments, 1232 N 8th St., Manitowoc, (920) 684-3829
  • Hofmann Monuments, 3104 Memorial Dr., Two Rivers, (920) 794-7541
Flags for Veterans
The Manitowoc County Veterans Service Office organizes veterans groups and volunteers to place flags in the flag holders that they provide for veterans who were honorably discharged.  They typically place flags at Evergreen Cemetery on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend based on a list of veterans provided by the Manitowoc County Veterans Service Office (so if the Veterans Service Office is not aware that the veteran was buried at Evergreen Cemetery, they may be missed).  They provide the flags for Memorial Day weekend only.  Cemetery staff will then pick up the flags after the Memorial Day weekend (the date depends on the rain as it can cause the wooden sticks to swell and get stuck in the flag holders).  If people would like to have a flag on the gravesite the remainder of the year, they are welcome to provide their own, but it is recommend to either write a name on the stick or place some tape on the stick so that the flag is not removed after Memorial Day weekend.  During the remainder of the year, flags will be removed from gravesites at the discretion of the Cemetery Team Leader or his/her designee if they are tattered, torn or faded.  If flags are placed at gravesites, the bottom material portion of the flag should be a minimum of 12" above ground, in order to accommodate lawnmowing and trimming equipment.


Evergreen Cemetery is also noted for the number and variety of trees growing in the cemetery. There are over 1,100 trees, which consist of approximately 40 different species of trees. Some of the more rare varieties include Japanese Gingko, Purple Beach, Camperdown Elm, Buckeye, and Ironwood. Because of the abundant supply of food and the protected environment, the cemetery has become a wildlife sanctuary.


Squirrels, deer, and a large variety of birds, including owls, hawks, and even wild turkey are often spotted in the cemetery. The squirrels feast on nuts from our various trees, and the birds feast on berries. With the amount of flowers planted here, the deer have a never-ending supply of meals. Hawks are even drawn to our cemetery because of the large amount of squirrels. Pets and horseback riding are not allowed.

Multiple Uses

Many people also utilize the quiet and beautiful setting for various types of aerobic activities free from the traffic and noise. On any given day throughout the year you can find walkers, joggers, and cyclists.


Free WiFi access is available at the workshop on the cemetery grounds at 2221 Michigan Avenue.


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