Available Spaces & Burial Options

At Evergreen Cemetery, burials are performed year-round, although additional fees may apply during winter.


Evergreen Cemetery provides services for traditional and cremation in-ground burials, as well as above-ground columbarium niches for cremations. The cemetery has over 3,000 in-ground spaces still available for purchase on its current site, or several decades worth of burials. 

All lots and niches include perpetual care, which consists of services such as grass mowing and trimming, watering flowers, and general grounds maintenance, which is necessary to keep the cemetery known as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the state. 

At this time, there is no schedule in place as to when spaces may be sold in the new cemetery property, Evergreen West.


The following pages contain useful information on burial options at Evergreen Cemetery:
Click here to find out how to schedule a cremation burial or niche interment.

Search for available spaces & niches on a map of Evergreen Cemetery by clicking HERE!

  You can print out a map or use GPS inside the cemetery to locate the gravesites.  Each green rectangle is an available space or niche.  

To use the GPS feature you must be within five miles of the cemetery grounds.  Use your smartphone or tablet, click on the link above, then tap the compass button.  You may be asked to share your location information.  If you answer yes, then you will see a timer spinner until your GPS location is found.  A blue dot will appear on the map indicating your location.  (Please note that if you are using a device that does not have GPS capabilities, the program will instead use Web GPS, which gets its location from your internet connection instead of GPS satellites.)

Disclaimer:  Sales of spaces or niches within the last three months may or may not appear on the website depending on work loads.

For more information about purchasing a space or niche or to make an appointment to view spaces or niches, please contact the main office at Evergreen Cemetery at (920) 686-3570 or evergreen@manitowoc.org. 

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