Memorial Benches

General Information

The City of Manitowoc's Parks & Cemetery Memorial Bench programs are a peaceful and inviting way to remember your loved ones. Whether it's a family member or a friend, memorial benches will be a perfect way of keeping the memories alive.

Program Details

Memorial benches will be placed at agreed upon locations on City park property or at Evergreen Cemetery.  

At the cemetery, benches may be located in Harmony Haven (Section Q) in a mutually agreed upon setting by the Cemetery Team Leader and the individual(s) donating the bench. All benches will include installation and engraving.

Evergreen Cemetery Memorial Bench Handout
City of Manitowoc Parks Division Memorial Bench Handout

For additional information or to be placed on a waiting list, please contact one of the following:  
  • Evergreen Cemetery (E-mail:, Phone:  (920) 686-3570),
  • Parks Division (E-mail:, Phone:  (920) 686-3580), or
  • Friends of the Mariners Trail (for donations along the Mariners Trail only).