Memorial Benches

General Information

The City of Manitowoc's Parks & Cemetery Memorial Bench programs are a peaceful and inviting way to remember your loved ones. Whether it's to honor a family member or a friend, memorial benches will be a perfect way of keeping the memories alive.

Program Details

  • Parks - Memorial benches will be placed at agreed upon locations on City park property or at Evergreen Cemetery.  All benches include a concrete pad, installation, and engraving.

City of Manitowoc Parks Division Memorial Bench Brochure 

Friends of the Mariners Trail Website (for benches along the Mariners Trail only)

  • Evergreen Cemetery - At the cemetery, benches may be located in Harmony Haven (Section Q) in a mutually agreed upon setting by the Cemetery Team Leader and the individual(s) donating the bench. All benches will include installation and engraving.

Evergreen Cemetery Memorial Bench Handout

  Memorial bench in Q for William Vorron

For additional information, please contact one of the following:  
  • Evergreen Cemetery (E-mail:, Phone:  (920) 686-3570),
  • Parks Division (E-mail:, Phone:  (920) 686-3580), or
  • Friends of the Mariners Trail (for donations along the Mariners Trail only).