Fares & Sales Outlets

Fares & Transfers
Maritime Metro Transit (MMT) requires all passengers to pay a fare when boarding or present the driver with a current MMT monthly bus pass, day pass, transit ticket, or transfer token. One fare entitles you to one continuous ride in one direction (one way). Transfers allow a passenger to transfer from one bus to another at the Intermodal Transfer Center, the Meadow Links Transfer Point or the West Side Transfer Point. If a passenger does not transfer buses, a paid fare allows a passenger to ride no longer than one complete loop on any given route.

Payment Options

Maritime Metro offers a number of payment options.  Riders may pay by cash, check, or credit card via the Token Transit App on their mobile phone.  Fares (as listed in the chart below) require the exact amount. Drivers do not make change on board.

Passengers riding more frequently may find the transit tickets a better option. These are prepaid tickets that take the place of cash and are good for one one-way trip. Passengers riding the most frequently should use the Maritime Metro monthly bus pass. The pass is good for unlimited rides during each calendar month.

Fare Categories & Rates

Adult Cash Fare 18 - 64 $1.50
Student Cash Fare with valid Student ID N/A $1.00
Elderly Cash Fare* 65 and older $0.75
Persons with a Disability Cash Fare* N/A $0.75
Children Under Four Years Old* 4 and under Free
Monthly Bus Pass (calendar month only) N/A $30.00
Summer Freedom Pass (June - August) 5 - 17 $30.00
Day Pass N/A $4.00
Bus Tickets N/A 10 for $12
Transfers N/A Free
Groups (eight people or more) N/A $0.50

*For information about requirements, please view stipulations.


When your one-way trip requires riding more than one bus, and you have paid your fare in cash or by ticket, you will need a transfer to present to the driver on the subsequent bus to let him know that you have already paid your fare. You should request a transfer at the time of boarding, not at the time of departure. MMT monthly bus pass users do not get transfers but simply show their MMT bus pass again when they board the next bus. In some instances, a rider may have to transfer more than once on a one-way trip and will then need to get another transfer ticket after presenting the transfer to the bus driver. (No one-way trip will require riding more than three buses).

A transfer entitles you to one continuous ride in a single direction. It must be used on the next connecting bus. It does not include a layover privilege (ie., you cannot leave to go shopping, etc.), and it is not a round-trip ticket. Should your connecting bus be running late, transfer tickets will be honored.

When requesting a transfer, it is a good idea to tell the driver the route to which you will be transferring. In the event the bus is running late, the driver can radio your connecting bus to inform it that you will be riding. While Metro strives to ensure connections for transfers, we cannot guarantee them.

When transferring, move along quickly. Even if your first bus is late pulling in, the driver can only wait five minutes past the scheduled departure time. To wait any longer would cause the bus to be out of schedule with the other routes for the rest of the day.

Freedom Passes 

Any student under the age of 17 may purchase a Freedom Pass for $30.00 which gives them unlimited bus rides for the months of June, July and August.  The student must be present to have a picture taken when purchasing.  These can only be purchased at Maritime Metro Transit (MMT)

Youth Groups

Maritime Metro Transit is a great way to travel around on a field trip in Manitowoc and Two Rivers with your class or club. The children have an opportunity to learn about our public bus system while riding to their destination. Although we cannot offer charter service we can get your group safely to any destination along our fixed routes. Traveling by bus with your class or group is as economical as it is fun. The group rate (for groups of 8 or more) for a one-way ride is 50¢ for children under 18 and their chaperones.

We kindly ask that you make a reservation for your group by calling the MMT office with the following information:
  • The name of your group
  • Your name and daytime phone number
  • Date of the trip
  • Number of riders 17 & under and number of chaperones
  • Boarding time and pick-up stop
  • Destination stop
  • Return information
For reservations or for more information, please call our main office at (920) 686-3560.

Sales Outlets

Location Monthly
Bus Pass
Route Where

Pick N Save (Manitowoc) Yes
Route 3
Festival Foods
Route 3
Manitowoc Senior Center
Route 3
Pick N Save (Two Rivers)
Route 1
Piggly Wiggly (Manitowoc)
Yes Yes Route 2
Piggly Wiggly (Two Rivers)
Route 1
MMT Intermodal Transfer Center*
Routes 2, 3, 4 & 6 
Two Rivers Senior Center Yes
Route 1
* Summer Freedom Passes and Day Passes are also available ONLY at the MMT Intermodal Transfer Center. 

*Passes and tickets may also be purchased by mail. Please send a check and note indicating your request to:

Maritime Metro Transit
915 S. 11th Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220