Bus Buddy Program

General Information

Maritime Metro Transit offers a free Bus Buddy service to its passengers intended to help train and familiarize new passengers with routes, times, and locations. Maritime Metro passengers should not be afraid or feel scared of riding the bus. The Bus Buddy Program pairs you up with a knowledgeable, friendly Bus Buddy who will assist in trip planning and eliminating the fears of riding the bus. Our Bus Buddies are great peers because they're not only great travel trainers but also riders and users of the bus on a regular basis.

Our handy pamphlet will assist you in trip planning as well as paying fares and purchasing bus passes and tickets. Keep this pamphlet in your purse, desk drawer or pocket for easy reference.

Schedule A Bus Buddy

To schedule a Bus Buddy or to find out more information about the program, please contact our main office at
(920) 686-3560.