How to Ride


  1. Plan Your Trip Using a Map - Find the nearest bus stop along the route closest to your location or destination. Look at the route times and determine when you should be outside waiting at the bus stop.
  2. Waiting for the Bus - Be sure you’re by the bus stop waiting for the bus at the suggested time. We recommend being outside a couple minutes before the scheduled arrival time. A few seconds late could cause you to miss the bus.
  3. All Hail the Bus - When the bus approaches your stop, hail, or flag to the driver that you wish to use the bus. Since people stand on corners for many reasons, it’s important to communicate with the driver your intentions.
  4. All Aboard - Step on board the bus, pay your fare and quickly take the first available seat. Please make sure you’re paying with the exact amount as drivers do not make change. Then, sit back and enjoy the ride. In the event a passenger must stand, please stand towards the rear of the bus and hold onto an available pole or loop.
  5. Thank You for Riding with Maritime Metro Transit