Passenger Policies

General Policies

Maritime Metro Transit is a public service provided by the cities of Manitowoc and Two Rivers. All of our riders have a right to a safe, pleasant and clean ride aboard our buses. While on board, please be considerate of your fellow riders and follow these simple common sense rules.

Please "Do":

  • Show the driver your pass each time you board the bus
  • Pay the cash fare using exact change and have ready before entering the bus
  • Listen to and obey the driver’s instructions
  • Check for belongings before leaving the bus
  • Remain seated until bus has stopped moving
  • Throw trash away in garbage cans before leaving the bus
  • Read informational handouts and notices posted in the buses
  • Wear proper clothing. Shirts and shoes are required (Skates of any kind are not allowed.)
  • Take first available seat (if one is available) and remain seated while the bus is moving
  • Give your seat to any person who, because of age or physical condition, is less able to stand than you are
  • Be Respectful of other passengers and their belongings

Please "Do Not":

  • Eat or drink
  • Smoke or chew tobacco
  • Play a music (radio, phone, CDs, MP3) unless you use headphones
  • Use loud or offensive language
  • Fight or roughhouse
  • Put your feet on any seat or against the wall
  • Leave trash on the seats or floor
  • Put your hands or anything else out the window
  • Bring an unreasonable size or number of bundles onto the bus; a good rule of thumb is not to bring more bundles on the bus than you can safely hold in your lap.
  • Expect the driver to assist you with your bundles/packages
  • Bring gasoline or other hazardous materials aboard
  • Bring animals, except for guide dogs, aboard the bus unless they are in enclosed containers that can be held on your lap
  • Board if you have any noticeable bodily discharge (whether due to open sores, wounds, elimination, etc.). Passengers may be refused service if such discharge is evident. The driver may request that the passenger exit the bus if such discharge becomes evident after they have boarded. Bodily discharges can pose a bio-hazard threat to other passengers on the bus.

    Maritime Metro Transit thanks you for your patronage and for following these simple guidelines. We want to ensure our passengers of a fun and relaxing experience!