Accessibility for Disabled / Elderly Persons

General Information

Maritime Metro Transit is a public service provided by the cities of Manitowoc and Two Rivers. All of our riders have a right to a safe and pleasant ride on a clean vehicle. While on board, please be considerate of your fellow riders. For additional information, please call (920) 686-3560.

Maritime Metro Transit offers disabled and elderly passengers many special features on board the bus that help make your trip painless and easy.


All Maritime Metro Transit buses are fully accessible including fold out ramps for easy boarding and alighting of passengers. Ramps fold out to accommodate passengers in mobility devices and passengers incapable of stepping onto the bus. Ramps can accommodate mobility devices up to 33" wide and 600 lbs in weight. Please contact Maritime Metro Transit for mobility devices exceeding these dimensions.


All Maritime Metro Transit buses have two (2) securement areas for mobility devices. Passengers wishing to ride with their mobility device may do so without any advance reservation. Passengers with mobility devices traveling in groups should notify Maritime Metro Transit in advance so accommodations can be made. Passengers traveling with a mobility device are required to have their device secured to the bus using the provided securements. Maritime Metro Transit does not require the use of the lap and shoulder belts but strongly recommend them for passengers in mobility devices.

Stop Request Signals

All Maritime Metro Transit buses are equipped with a light up message board for hearing impaired passengers and a chime for visually impaired passengers that are used to notify passengers when a stop has been requested. Passengers must pull the stop request cord located along the windows to activate these features.


Maritime Metro Transit offers its route maps and schedules in a large print version for ease of reading for elderly and disabled riders. To request a large print map, please contact the main office at (920) 686-3560.


Maritime Metro Transit offers website translations to passengers who speak and understand different languages. For more information, please contact the main office at (920) 686-3560.